Success Story: “And That’s Why Franklin is our Bread & Butter”


A loyal Franklin Electric customer recently pulled a 1977 motor that was still running like a top. He thought it was pretty cool, and decided to share his story.

“A good customer of mine recently called with no water pressure. The pump was running, but he had no water. I Franklin Electric Motor - 1977figured it was a broken pipe or impeller issue. I pulled it, and the motor looked fine. It turns out that the center of the pump impellers had given up. I’m pretty sure it was just fatigue. I have a test tank in my shop that I test all of my pumps, motors, and controls in. To my surprise, the motor ran perfectly. It was extremely quiet and ran really smooth. In fact, if the motor wasn’t from 1977, I would have put it right back in the hole no questions asked. I’m guessing that this pump had more than 4 million gallons of water go through it, and who knows how many more would have if the old pump would have held up. With me, Franklin is the standard. It’s going to work. And if it doesn’t, it’s typically because someone improperly installed the wet end, or it’s an external issue related to the power supply or the control box. It’s almost never because of motor failure. I have a very low return rate. I test them all. 99% percent of the time, the Franklin motor checks out fine. And that’s why Franklin is our bread and butter.”

--- Lance Drivon, Douglas County Farmers Co-op, Roseburg, Oregon