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Five Reasons to Make the Bright Choice with SolarPAK


A little ray of sunshine can go a long way! Franklin Electric SolarPAKs keep installers' needs and challenges in mind. See what they can do for you and learn more about the related incentives and funding fo renewable energy systems.

Solar Product Grouping1. Your Partner for Water Systems, Even in Grid-Free Environments

Franklin Electric’s solar packages offer unrivaled performance and pump-motor reliability powered by our legendary 4- and 6-inch submersible motors, our fully proven portfolio of submersible and above ground pumps, and innovative line of exterior-ready, plug-and-play drives designed specifically for ease-of-use in water pumping applications, even in remote locations.

2. Simple, Cost-Effective Installation and Serviceability

SolarPAK’s installation, commissioning and no required maintenance are easy on your pocket. Using three-phase motors to allow for lower current, the system delivers savings since day one by reducing the cost of drop cable. In time, our above ground electronics provide a simplified solution to service units if required, when compared to self-contained, submersible units.

3. FE SELECT – SolarPAK: Find the Right Pump for Your Job

By defining head and volume-per-day requirements, solar panel characteristics, and supplying your exact installation’s location, FE SELECT is the easiest, most complete tool for providing an immediate list of solar-powered pump systems to choose from.

4. Rising with Expanding Applications

Franklin Electric’s solar engineered drives provide the highest maximum* DC input volts rating, facilitating system upgrades and water output increase using your very own SolarPAK.

*compared to competitive solar products.

5. Extended Warranty for Water Professionals

SolarPAKs are eligible for extended warranties when using Franklin-Electric-supplied components: pump, motor, and drive. If you are a Key Dealer, see our terms here for up to 5 years of coverage.

Get started now with the flexible system solutions that meet your solar pumping requirements from ½ - 10 HP ratings and a variety of flow rates available up to 375 gallons per minute. Download our Solar Drives Comparison Tool for a quick view of our application range or visit our solar portfolio. For more information, contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative.

Learn more about incentives for Renewable Energy Systems

Did you know there are available programs that provide loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for renewable energy systems?

Learn more and enter to apply to available incentives for investments in solutions that conserve natural resources while improving agricultural operations:

Certified Franklin Electric Build Centers: Ready When You Are


Certified Franklin Electric Build Centers now support the construction of 6-11" FST Series Submersible Turbines and 6-15" FVT Vertical Lineshaft Turbines, a cost-effective, high-flow option for your irrigation, agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications. 

Certified Franklin Electric Build Centers are a select group of distribution partners trained to help meet the demanding pumping challenges of contractors in these applications. A comprehensive training program equips distributors with the expertise to be a solution provider that can build customized pumps specific to the contractor’s performance requirements.

  • Quick Turnaround – Flexibility to design and build to specific order requirements within the same day
  • Built For The Job – Submersible pumps designed and built for specific job requirements
  • Sizing Software – Utilize the Franklin Electric web-based tools for simplified sizing, quoting, and product identification
  • Pricing Leveraging Capability – Custom Build Centers allow for better inventory management for specific needs resulting in a better cost solution
  • Fully Supported – Comes fully supported by the industry’s leading Technical Support professionals and Field Service Engineers
  • Program Flexibility – Partner with the distributor with the potential to offer Build Center capability for both stainless steel and cast iron products

Find your local Certified Franklin Electric Build Center here, or for more information, contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative.

Essential Business During COVID-19: When Safe & Reliable Products Are Critical


Getty Images -1144971911 (1)

The global pandemic has inevitably changed the daily routines of individuals and regular operations of businesses worldwide. Companies have realigned their manufacturing processes and distribution networks to provide support to frontline workers of the coronavirus outbreak. Hospitals and healthcare facilities have implemented new procedures that are crucial for slowing the rapid spread of this fatal virus. 

While essential businesses continue to run, it is important now more than ever that these organizations deliver products and services that are safe and reliable; doing their part to help tread through this public health crisis. So, what does it look like to deliver safe and reliable products during a global pandemic for the HVAC industry?

On Friday, March 20thDavid John, P.E. received a call from a local Florida hospital needing assistance with setting up an isolation area dedicated to diagnosing and treating COVID-19 patients. David is the Engineering Manager at Stan Weaver & Company, an exclusive manufacturer’s representative of Franklin Electric HVAC drives in central Florida. The hospital needed three Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) with bypass to be installed with the new HVAC fans for the area.

Q -link _n 1_right _225x 461

Due to the unusual circumstances proposed by COVID-19 in a hospital environment, there were two critical success factors of this project – securing the VFDs promptly and limiting the number of individuals on site for the installation. These factors were important so the hospital could get the new wing up and running as quickly as possible, while also minimizing the exposure of individuals to a potentially harmful environment.

Keeping this in mind, David supplied the hospital with three Franklin Electric Q-Link VFDs and recommended a digital training to prepare the hospital staff and contractors for the installation. Shortly after, Franklin Electric’s Field Service Engineer, Chad Haugen, facilitated a webinar that covered setting up the VFDs, including how to use the Q-Link mobile app that connects your smartphone via Bluetooth® technology to the Q-Link VFD and provides guided start-up and operation information. 

After the webinar, the contractors were comfortable with the material covered and confident that they could install and program the drives without any additional on-site support. David attributes this to the combination of Franklin Electric’s service and a user-friendly product.

“Because of the technical support provided, I did not have to be on site for the installation of the VFDs. This is a testimony to Franklin Electric drives being easy to set up and preventing additional people from going to a hospital that has coronavirus patients.”

Chad continued to provide support over the phone to the contractors, as needed, to program the drives and ensure they were running successfully. He also shared additional features of the Q-Link mobile app with the contractors that would save time spent on site for the installation.

Q-Link _Covid _NewsWithin the app, custom drive configurations can be saved as templates and applied to additional units when commissioning multiple drives. After setup is complete, remote monitoring and control make the Q-Link an easier, safer drive to maintain. Commissioning reports can be easily generated, signed and emailed through the app, vastly improving and shortening the reporting process. Remote operation also enhances safety by minimizing the need to physically interact with the drive while you are within connectivity range (approximately 15-20 ft).

The isolation area for COVID-19 patients was up and running 10 days after David received the initial call from the hospital. Overall, the contractors and hospital team were very satisfied with the Q-Link VFDs and have purchased additional units to use for other projects.

While the isolation area at this hospital is complete, there is still more work to be done at other hospitals. David continues to see demand for similar projects developing isolation areas and converting patient rooms to isolation rooms. He is confident that supplying Franklin Electric VFDs for these projects will provide a safe and reliable experience for everyone during these unusual times. 

Offer More. Deliver Franklin: New Submersible Turbines and Vertical Lineshaft Turbines


Deliver water for any sized job with our proven portfolio of Submersible Turbines and new Vertical Lineshaft Turbines. FPS FVT Vertical TurbineWith flows up to 40,000 gallons per minute and heads up to 2,500 feet, Franklin Electric offers a wide selection of strapped, cast iron, and cast stainless submersible turbines, along with an extensive offering of vertical lineshaft turbines that help you cover almost any pumping application.

New Submersible Turbine for applications up to 2,200 gallons per minute and 2,500 feet of Head:

Introducing Vertical Lineshaft Turbines covering up to 40,000 gallons per minute and up to 2,500 feet of Head:

Looking for the right pump for the job? Size your water pumping project now with FE SELECT (U.S. / Canada).

Franklin Electric's rugged submersible pumps and new vertical lineshaft turbines are specifically designed to offer an ideal solution for contractor’s performance requirements. Various options in sizing, design and material constructions can be specified to meet application needs.

Our expanded capabilities allow you to meet requirements and provide unparalleled system solutions for pumping challenges across a variety of applications in multiple markets from agriculture and irrigation to mining, marine and offshore, oil and gas, to fire protection.

Pair these products with our legendary motors and engineered drives to maximize performance beyond the pump.

Franklin Electric’s dedicated support teams have your back every step of the way. Our products and services are backed by features unique to the Franklin Experience:

  • Access to the industry’s leading Technical Support professionals and Field Service Engineers
  • Pumps are eligible for an Extended Warranty with Franklin Electric-supplied motor and drive/panel. See our Standard Terms, Conditions and Warranty here
  • Ability to size, configure, price, & quote with FE SELECT
  • Submersible and Lineshaft Turbines are available through an expansive network of Certified Build Centers. (6" - 19" in FVT, FMF, and FAF Series; SR Series not available at this time)

To learn more, download our new Brochure here or contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative.

This Franklin Electric-endorsed Dealer is Ready to Expand with Jobber


Find out how this fourth-generation family-run business in Harmony, Pennsylvania is automating team scheduling, invoicing, and how partnering with Franklin Electric and Jobber is helping them expand their business.

Meinert Well Drilling has been in business for almost 100 years and in that time, they’ve typically been a stranger to business management technology. Owner John Meinert has led the business with the help of pen and paper, text message, and his wife Renee Meinert, managing the office operations. Renee’s team of four was being spread thin. Important information was floating around either in John’s head or in multiple notebooks in the office.

Luckily, Franklin Electric recently joined forces with Jobber to give their partners in the water well industry new solutions for business management. Through this partnership, Meinert, a Franklin Electric-endorsed dealer since 1959, was given the opportunity to organize their business with Jobber’s well water services technology.

“Jobber consolidates everything for you into one system. It helps you organize your information and it's very easy to use. For me, it’s a no brainer, even just to try it,” says Renee Meinert.

Since adding Jobber Field Service Software to their toolkit, Meinert Well Drilling has been able to:

  • Schedule jobs and team members more efficiently
  • Invoice customers online and get paid faster with credit card processing
  • Get reminders of work requests and follow-ups, giving their business operations a boost
  • Convert work requests to jobs in a flash

We asked Renee what life was like before Jobber, how technology is helping them save time, and how Jobber is going to help their business expand.

“No wonder my husband is overwhelmed. He keeps track of a lot of information in his head.”

Before online scheduling, invoicing, and customer quote approvals, Renee and John were using paper, pen, and text message history to track all their business information. “We had a little system. If I got a call here at the office and John was out, I’d write down all the information, take a picture of it, and send it to John’s cell phone,” Renee tells us. “It took half an hour for my husband to write detailed invoices by hand. Now we can create an invoice right away and leave with payment most of the time,” she shares.

“The initial consult is all it took for us to know that Jobber could benefit us.”

Renee was intrigued by how technology could streamline processes and lighten the workload, given their plans to expand their business. Admittedly, when Renee first heard about Jobber, she wasn’t sold right off the bat. “I was thinking, ‘Yeah, I don’t think so. We have QuickBooks and all that’.” But once she saw the software and learned what Jobber could do for their business, it clicked for her.

“There are so many little things we can automate, from our scheduling to keeping track of customer information, to making the invoice and taking payments online,” Renee tells us.

To help John make the transition from his manual system, his son Jonathan, age 26, has taken a major role in daily operations. “My son and I were so excited to get Jobber because it just makes our lives easier,” Renee says.

Meinert Well Drilling uses Jobber to:

  • Give customers access to approve or deny quotes online
  • Get paid faster
  • Schedule jobs
  • Organize client details with a CRM

“We’re saving a couple of hours a day on invoicing”

Online invoicing ensures that Meinert Well Drilling gets paid faster. Before, it would take John half an hour to write an invoice. If the customer didn’t have a check, John would often leave the worksite without payment. “Customers can now pay on the spot with a credit card. If they aren’t there, we can email it to them. By the end of the day, they can hit the payment tab and pay online,” Renee tells us.

Jobber also sends an automatic reminder to customers letting them know that their invoice is due. “My old system with QuickBooks would require me at the end of the month to see who hasn’t paid us,” Renee shares with us. “Jobber reminds our customers, so we don’t have to.”

“We have digital records for all 4,000 of our customer files”

With over 4,000 clients to keep track of, Renee relies on Jobber’s CRM so that nothing is forgotten. “We can attach a well log when we drill a well, either on different depths that we’ve drilled or a water analysis report if we’ve tested their water for bacteria and all that, we have a report from the lab. All that stuff can be kept electronically in the customer file,” Renee tells us.

“It's been great in the aspect for us that we are recording everything that we're doing every day, instead of my husband using his manual calendar,” she comments.

Renee says the new quote approvals process is easy and helps keep their business records accurate. “The quote approval feature is so useful. Customers can sign off on the quote upfront and then we have a record of it.” Not only is it easier for Renee, but it’s less effort for their customers too. “It just makes it easy, versus our customers having to do that manually.”

“We can easily coordinate our schedules in the field and in the office”

Jobber has also made scheduling more organized and transparent. “My son can keep track of jobs when he’s out in the field, and he can see what I’m doing with the phone calls coming into the office.” Jobber speeds up and simplifies scheduling, so John and the team can complete all of their scheduled jobs every day.

Desk Before Jobber Software Scaled E1586984423759 920X690 C

“Jobber will be a huge help in handling our business’ expansion”

In the home service industry, businesses like well water drillers are facing a new business landscape, shaped by changing technology and new competition. If you want to ensure your business survival and success, you need to adapt to the changes quickly — the competition isn’t going to slow down. Renee and John already have plans to expand their business by adding new team members. With more employees, better organization is more important than ever.

“It's very user friendly. I've had no problem using anything on it,” Renee assures.

“When a new employee is on call for the weekend, they’ll be able to generate an invoice on their own, without our help. If we have a new service call for them, we can send all the information right to their phone. It just so much saves time,” says Renee. “Once you add just a couple more people, even though it doesn’t sound like a lot, there are more schedules to coordinate. I believe Jobber will be great for that,” Renne concludes.

No more messy desks at her office. Since Renee and John have made the switch to technology to help run and organize their well drilling business, we have no doubt that Jobber will help them grow their business into the next century! 

Please, fill in our request form here to see if your business qualifies for a free trial period.

Franklin Electric is Implementing Single Sign-On for FE SELECT


SSO 2 Franklin Electric is continually looking for ways to provide easier and more convenient tools, knowledge, and resources necessary for success. To further this goal, we are implementing single sign-on (SSO) for our online tools, including FE Select, FranklinTECH Online, and FE Direct*. This means you will no longer need to login to each online tool individually, but it will require all users to have an account to access any of our online tools. 

*FE Direct is available for distribution partners only.  

Single Sign-On (SSO) Benefits

  • Access multiple Franklin Electric online resources with a single email address and password
  • Save preferences within FE Select to personalize your experience
  • Preparation for future upgrades

What This Means to You

  • If you already have a Franklin Electric login: Log in as usual (at the start of your session) and enjoy not having to reenter credentials for other FE applications.
  • If you do not currently have a Franklin Electric login: Create a new and free account directly from the online tools. Upon completion, you will have instant access to the same functionality you currently enjoy, plus access to other online resources.

SSO will go live on April 6, 2020 for U.S. based users. After this date, a Franklin Electric user account will be required prior to accessing the tool. If you do not have a Franklin Electric account, you will be able to create one from the login page, which will allow immediate access.

New Features Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for new features and services that will begin to take shape in Franklin Electric’s online platforms. This step is critical to support our plan to allow users the ability to save and manage quotes within FE Select. We have many exciting, useful, educational, and time-saving upgrades on the way!

FE Select: U.S.A.

FranklinTECH Online

New to FE Select? Check out this course from FranklinTECH Online to learn more about using this online tool!

Relaunch: 4-Inch High Capacity Submersible Pumps are now Compliant to all Federal Energy Efficiency Standards


Franklin Electric continually invests in developing and delivering pumps with improved efficiency and performance. With these investments, the 4-Inch High Capacity Submersible Pumps are compliant to all federal energy efficiency standards. Energy conservation and product efficiency improvements are key components driving innovation for Franklin Electric. These new 4-inch High Capacity Submersible Pumps, with increased efficiency, are just one piece in a growing family of high-efficiency products. The high-efficiency packages will provide more value, performance, and opportunity to serve customers' water needs well into the future.

As efficiency updates have been made to these pumps, the product line has also been optimized and consolidated to one product family and will fall under Franklin Electric's premium submersible pump construction style known as Tri-Seal. A complete cross-reference guide for the Tri-Seal High Capacity can be downloaded below.

Reminder: DOE Efficiency Standards

Effective January 27, 2020*, a Department of Energy (DOE) regulation requires all commercial, industrial, and groundwater pumps manufactured to operate within a specified horsepower range to meet their new energy conservation standard.

*All the pumps that fall under the regulation made after the implementation date will have the appropriate DOE mandated nomenclature on the products nameplate label. Pumps manufactured prior to this date may still be purchased and operated.

As a quick overview, the new DOE standards affect pumps with performance characteristics or specifications within the following ranges:

  • 1 to 200 horsepower (HP) with shaft power at the best efficiency point (BEP), at full impeller diameter for the number of stages required for testing to the standard
  • 25 gallons per minute (gpm) and greater (at BEP and full impeller diameter)
  • 459 feet of head maximum (at BEP at full impeller diameter and the number of stages specified for testing)
  • Design temperature range from 14 to 248°F

Now Available: MagForce Product Line Expanded Offering


FE Permanent Magnet Motor TopThe MagForce™ High Efficiency Motor System is now available for order* in 460vac and 575vac input power options. DV/DT output filters are available for applications with a motor lead distance less than 800-feet, and Sine Wave output filters for motor lead distances greater than 800-feet. Stand-alone variable frequency drives (VFDs) and filters are also available.

*Initial lead times may be 8 weeks or longer. Please contact your Franklin Electric Sales Representative for more information. 

Ideal For Long Run-Time Applications

  • Groundwater remediation
  • Drainage water level control
  • Municipal/utility water supply
  • Construction-site dewatering
  • High-volume and industrial livestock operations
  • Mine-site dewatering and tank-level control
  • Well-supply geothermal HVAC systems

 Magforce Table1

  • Groundbreaking Efficiency: 90% efficiency rating is 10-12 percent greater than standard induction motor construction. Typical high-duty rate systems can have a payback* of 1 to 2 years. *Based on Field Trial Data
  • Simplified Inventory Management: Three motor sizes cover pump horsepowers ranging from 7.5 to 60. Fewer SKUs simplify your inventory.

  • Slash Electricity Consumption: Since the motor has rare earth magnets, there is less electrical energy loss, which translates into greater power output per dollar spent on power input. This saves operational costs every time the motor is run; the more it is used, the more can be saved.

  • Horsepower Boost: Capable of a 13.6 percent horsepower boost achieved by increasing the motor’s shaft speed to a true 60 Hz, 3600 rpm**. This allows increased pump output in terms of water volume and total dynamic head pressure without having to pull the system from the well.
    ** Not to exceed the PM motor’s max amp rating.

  • Smaller Footprint: Lighter and easier to handle than standard induction motors and, like all submersible motor systems, provides a smaller above ground footprint when compared to line shaft turbines.

  • A Package Deal: When ordered, the motor is shipped with a customized variable frequency drive panel that is preprogrammed for use with a transducer-controlled pump system. This allows simple startup, compatibility with a variety of application types, and is guaranteed to optimize performance and maximize system life. The drive control panel also features real-time monitoring, protection, and customizable application-specific programming software as needed to cover all customer requirements.

  • Fully Supported: Comes fully supported by the industry's leading Technical Support professionals and Field Service Engineers

Franklin Electric Acquires CPS Pumps


Franklin Electric recently acquired the product lines and assets of CPS Pumps, along with its current manufacturing process in Rossville, Tennessee. The acquisition brings Franklin Electric a deep and diverse set of key products and expertise, including a full portfolio of line shaft turbines, split case, end suction, and ANSI-style pumps, allowing us to better serve our global customers in the agriculture irrigation, municipal, industrial, and mining markets. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to expand our presence into fire pump applications in the commercial and industrial markets.

To begin exploring our wide range of solutions under FPS brand, see below:

Submersible Turbines & Vertical Lineshaft Turbines.

Surface Pumps.

We welcome the employees of CPS Pumps, located in Rossville, TN, into the Franklin Electric family. The business and Rossville facility will be integrated into the existing Global Water business structure. We will be immediately transitioning the business into Franklin Electric’s business systems and ramping production rates in order to serve existing and new customers for the 2020 season. The product lines will carry the FPS product brand moving forward and will be available through our existing industrial and groundwater distribution channels as well as direct to many existing CPS global customers.

We look forward to serving your company and are excited to bring Franklin Electric’s five key factors of performance into these new product segments and applications. A Franklin Electric sales representative will be reaching out in the near future to answer any questions and provide additional information on this transition.

Franklin Electric is a global leader in the production and marketing of systems and components for the movement of water and fuel. Recognized as a technical leader in its products and services, Franklin Electric serves customers around the world in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, municipal, and fueling applications.

Don Kenney
President, Global Water
Franklin Electric

Certified Franklin Electric Build Centers


Buildcenter Logo CLR 1Certified Franklin Electric Build Centers now support the construction of 6-,8-, and 10-inch SSI Series Submersible Pumps, a cost-effective, high-flow option for your irrigation, agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications. 

Certified Franklin Electric Build Centers are a select group of distribution partners trained to help meet the demanding pumping challenges of contractors in these applications. A comprehensive training program equips distributors with the expertise to be a solution provider that can build customized pumps specific to the contractor’s performance requirements.

  • Quick Turnaround – Flexibility to design and build to specific order requirements within the same day
  • Built For The Job – Submersible pumps designed and built for specific job requirements
  • Sizing Software – Utilize the Franklin Electric web-based tools for simplified sizing, quoting, and product identification
  • Pricing Leveraging Capability – Custom Build Centers allow for better inventory management for specific needs resulting in a better cost solution
  • Fully Supported – Comes fully supported by the industry’s leading Technical Support professionals and Field Service Engineers
  • Program Flexibility – Partner with the distributor with the potential to offer Build Center capability for both stainless steel and cast iron products

To find your local Certified Franklin Electric Build Center, or for more information, contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative.