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Meeting Essential Needs and Making a Difference during the Health Crisis


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Our business delivers its true value when we can solve essential water needs and meet pumping requirements in a timely manner. This is especially true this year as the world experiences the global health crisis brought on by COVID-19. Access to clean water for drinking, cooking and hygiene has become more important than ever, and no more so than in underserved communities or areas of the world where water is truly a luxury. As a global leader focused on the movement and management of water systems, we take great pride in working alongside our partners to provide the products and support needed to improve the quality of life for people around the world. This year, several projects allowed us to further realize this mission, including two that we completed recently in Ecuador.

Timely Repairs in a Remote Region

When locals in the remote area of Recinto de la Boya in Buena Fe, Ecuador first realized their pumping system was no longer working, replacing the equipment in a timely manner became essential. Without it, critical COVID-19 infection-control measures -- such as washing hands properly – were not possible.  

To bring water systems back in action for this small but active area, Acero Comercial Ecuatoriano, one of our regional partners in South America, promptly completed an installation using one of our High Capacity Tri-Seal submersible pumps. Playing an essential role in the prevention and combat against the virus, Franklin Electric’s water system solutions helped our partners meet the requirements needed to quickly restore water supply for families in the community.

New Sanitation Protocols in a Major Urban Area

In a nearby region, essential businesses in the urban area of Quevedo joined the list of organizations striving to move forward and keep the country’s economy running while also doing their best to keep their employees safe and virus-free. To serve this purpose, early in the year, our partners introduced a new solution to their portfolio of water systems: fully assembled disinfectant tunnels and chambers designed to support the continuous operations of different essential businesses.

Behind these implementations, Franklin Electric’s Versajet pumps performed as the main driving force to execute sanitizing protocols. For the installation located in their crowded water association, where the population density exceeds 100,000 throughout the season, the tunnel’s water system demanded high pressure (above 60 psi) to properly nebulize the cleaning solution. By using jet pumps built for easy customization to meet varying needs, its nozzle replacement system provided our partners with the ideal solution to adjust their pumping system performance and meet high pressure or high flow demands.

Versajet Product Photo

These are a few of the many stories that exemplify how our partners across the globe are responding to customer needs and making a difference every single day – even in uncertain, difficult times. It’s truly a moment to remind ourselves as members of the water industry about the remarkable privilege we have: being able to play a direct role in an essential industry that provides immediate access to such a vital human need as water.

Deliver More With Optimized Efficiency


Serve your customers' water needs and deliver more by offering Franklin Electric's high-capacity pumping systems. The following solutions include our enhanced design for high-capacity flows (35-90 gallons per minute) in stainless steel construction pump models.

Constant Pressure QuickPAKs

M5008 Packaged Systems Catalog Thumbnail

Our SubDrive QuickPAK all-in-one package is a popular system-solution for pumps, motors, and drives designed to simplify the installation of a constant pressure system.

  • Flow rate options from 5 GPM up to 90 GPM and drives up to 5 horsepower (HP)
  • Single-phase input power with three-phase motor performance
  • Includes easy-to-install drive, saving significant time during installation
  • Durable enclosures for added security – even in outdoor applications


Download Our Constant Pressure Catalog

Fhoton & SubDrive SolarPAK

M1782 Solar Products Catalog Thumbnail

Franklin Electric’s SolarPAKs keep installers' needs and challenges in mind. By utilizing our fully proven standard portfolio of submersible pumps, these systems provide a simplified solution for applications ranging from 1/2 HP up to 10 HP. In addition, select models now include increased staging for higher performance at lower speeds.

Note: A flow switch is included in SolarPaks that require one.


Download Our Solar Products Catalog

E-Series Submersible Effluent Pumps

MF2140 FPS E Series Brochure Thumbnail

Our submersible E-Series is ideal for filtered effluent service, aeration, and ornamental fountains and waterfalls, equipped with the power, performance, and reliability you expect from Franklin Electric.

  • Stainless steel or thermoplastic discharge and motor brackets are highly resistant to damage from minerals, metals, and other substances
  • Proven hydraulic staging allows close tolerances and increased performance
  • Powered by our legendary submersible motor


Download Our E-Series Brochure


Economical. Reliable. Compatible. Up to 300 Solutions in Hand



Did you know when paired with our residential and light commercial pumps, Inline Controls allow you to offer your customers up to 300 possible configurations to boost their system's overall pressure with integrated run-dry protection?

FE Inline Controls Product Grouping

Specifically built for water pumping applications, Franklin Electric’s Inline Controls include five pump starting and control devices that pair with a variety of submersible or surface pumps up to 20 amps (or approximately three HP) to provide or boost the system’s overall water pressure – and in many cases – without the need of an additional bladder tank.

Features & Benefits

Inline Brochure Thumbnai

  • Less Equipment: Eliminates the need for a bladder tank and pressure switch
  • Simplified Installation: Reduces time, labor and the need for heavy equipment in applications where a buried tank would have been used
  • Built-in Control: Allows pump to start automatically, on-demand
  • Automatic Restart Feature: Eliminates the need to manually activate the pump after a system fault
  • System Reliability: Built-in pump dry-run protection, check valve and anti-lock-up prevention
  • Fully Supported: Comes fully supported by the industry’s leading Technical Support Professionals and Field Service Engineers

Download Our Inline Controls Compatability Brochure

Franklin Motors Help a Submarine Maneuver 1,000 Meters Under the Sea


When scientists wanted to study the crater of a dormant underwater volcano, 530 meters deep in the ocean, they called in the LULA1000 – a one-of-a-kind submersible vessel designed to carry three people up to 1,000 meters deep. Powering this unique submarine are five Franklin Electric 4" encapsulated motors, which serve as the main drive for the LULA1000’s dives and maneuvers in all axes.

The LULA1000 is at the heart of the work done by Rebikoff-Niggeler Foundation (FRN), a non-for-profit organization for marine research based on the Island of Faial in the Azores/Portugal. FRN’s deep-sea mapping and research projects are utilized by scientists around the globe in an effort to learn more about the natural world.

LULA1000 8

Franklin Electric motors have been on board the LULA1000 since it was launched in 2009. During construction, the submarine’s designers approached Franklin Electric with a request for a high-quality and reliable motor system that could drive the submarine’s positioning propellers. This was no small task: the LULA1000 not only dives to great depths for many hours at a time, it must also serve as a stable work platform for scientists and meet very strict European requirements for safe maritime operation. Franklin Electric engineers got to work developing a solution: minimally modified Franklin Electric 4" submersible motors.

Engineering the Right Motors for the Job

The five submersible Franklin Electric motors used on the LULA1000 are three horsepower each and drive a variety of highly specialized operations. A large diameter propeller serves as the sub’s main propulsion unit and allows it to accelerate and stop quickly. Small, directly driven propellers are used for the lateral and vertical drive. To power these, Franklin engineers modified the electrical winding design on Franklin motors to match the submarine on-board voltage; the rest of the motors’ mechanical design remained almost unchanged. Like all Franklin standard deep well motors, these units were 100% factory tested before being delivered to the building shipyard.

After more than 180 successful dives, these motors are now being replaced as part of a larger submarine overhaul. Franklin is once again working with the vessel’s engineers to develop the best solutions to help power the LULA1000 through another decade of critical research exploring the world’s oceans.


Streamline Sales Efforts with FE SELECT’s New Quotation Management


Microsoftteams Image 1Water is a tough business - we get that. Streamline your sales efforts with FE Select's new quotation management, so you can focus on what matters most. Starting September 8, 2020, you can expect the following enhancements to your user experience:

  • Start your experience on the enhanced dashboard to manage new or existing work
  • Find refined sizing results based on product categories
  • Create and save quotations or projects using your FE account*
  • Keep track of your opportunities all in one place

FE Select (U.S.A.)

FE Select (Canada)

Note: FE Select will undergo maintenance for these updates on Monday, September 7, 2020. During this time you may experience delays or interruptions.

*If you haven’t created a single sign-on account for FE applications, learn more and follow the easy steps to get you started here. 

FE Select New

Find refined sizing results based on product categories

Enroll for the Demo Session & Get Familiar With FE Select

Don't worry. With all of these enhancements, you'll still have access to the same great features you already know and love. Learn more about these existing features here.

Fe Select Customer Demo Cover Art

Tune in to for this 30-minute demo session, Thursday, September 10, as Franklin Electric Senior Market Development Manager, Ryan Short, walks you through the new features.

Enroll Now

Keep an eye out for new features and services that will continue to take shape in Franklin Electric’s online platforms. Additional product lines will also be uploaded to the new FE Select app regularly so we can help you find solutions for multiple applications. We have many exciting, useful, educational, and time-saving upgrades on the way!

Deliver More. Offer Franklin.


FPS Extended GroupOur recently expanded FPS® branded portfolio now includes offerings in submersible and vertical lineshaft turbines, end suction, ANSI process, split case, and fire protection solutions. This selection of unrivaled water systems solutions covers most pumping applications with flows up to 40,000 gallons per minute and 2,500 feet.

Our expanded capabilities allow you to meet requirements and provide unparalleled system solutions for pumping challenges across a variety of applications in multiple markets, from agriculture and irrigation to mining, marine and offshore, oil and gas, to fire protection.

Check Out Our Expanded Capabilities

These products are now available for easy sizing and configuring with our easy-to-use pump selection tool, FE Select. Size your water pumping project with FE Select, now!

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FE Select (U.S.A.)

FE Select (Canada)

New to FE Select? Check out this course from FranklinTECH Online to learn more about using this online tool!

How to Select a Pump using FE Select

FE Select is Now Your Single Source for Pump Selection


FE Select IconFranklin Electric is continually looking for ways to provide easier and more convenient tools, knowledge, and resources necessary for success. To better serve you and your business, FE Select has been enhanced to include a broader offering, making it easier to find and quote the right pump for the job at hand. These inclusions will be effective starting May 29, 2020.

What this means for you:

  • Pump-Flo will no longer be available for use after May 29, 2020(1)
  • Easy sizing, configuring, and quoting access to additional product series with FE Select

With this site update, FE Select will continue to provide users with the following:

  • Product selection based on listings or application criteria
  • Products used in both groundwater and wastewater applications
  • Pump and motor performance curves containing both fixed and variable speed
  • Pump performance curves for multi-pump systems where pumps are working in parallel construction
  • Configured product selections and automatic system bundles providing fast and easy complete system quotes
  • Printable and downloadable quotes

Get Started with FE Select

Since April 2020, Single Sign-On (SSO) service became available to help you access multiple Franklin Electric online resources including FE Select, FranklinTECH Online, and FE Direct(2). To learn more about the benefits of SSO, and what steps you may need to take to create a single login and password for Franklin resources, check out our latest news posting here

(1) Pump-Flo will still be available for use with Pioneer Pump® brand products here.
(2) FE Direct is available for distribution partners only.

FE Select (U.S.A.) 

FE Select (Canada)

Powered & Protected: New Deluxe Control Boxes for 1 & 1.5 HP Motors


The power and protection you trust from our standard control boxes is now available in a new deluxe design, 3-wire, single-phase control box rated for 1.0 and 1.5 horsepower (HP) motors. See the table below for order information.

Deluxe Control Boxes Table

D=Deluxe Control Box

Literature Updates
We have also updated our Submersible Motors and Controls Catalog (M1748) and Submersible Motor Control Box Brochure (M1330). These updates include the following additions and can be downloaded below.

  • New ratings and enhanced 3-wire, single-phase deluxe design for control boxes
  • Specialty low-voltage motors used in the SubDrive SolarPAK and Fhoton SolarPAK products are now listed.

Low-voltage motors can be found on page 6 and the deluxe control boxes can be found on page 27 of the Submersible Motors and Controls Catalog (M1748).

Submersible Motors and Controls Catalog (M1748)

Sumbersible Motors Control Box Brochure (M1330)

Five Reasons to Make the Bright Choice with SolarPAK


A little ray of sunshine can go a long way! Franklin Electric SolarPAKs keep installers' needs and challenges in mind. See what they can do for you and learn more about the related incentives and funding fo renewable energy systems.

Solar Product Grouping1. Your Partner for Water Systems, Even in Grid-Free Environments

Franklin Electric’s solar packages offer unrivaled performance and pump-motor reliability powered by our legendary 4- and 6-inch submersible motors, our fully proven portfolio of submersible and above ground pumps, and innovative line of exterior-ready, plug-and-play drives designed specifically for ease-of-use in water pumping applications, even in remote locations.

2. Simple, Cost-Effective Installation and Serviceability

SolarPAK’s installation, commissioning and no required maintenance are easy on your pocket. Using three-phase motors to allow for lower current, the system delivers savings since day one by reducing the cost of drop cable. In time, our above ground electronics provide a simplified solution to service units if required, when compared to self-contained, submersible units.

3. FE SELECT – SolarPAK: Find the Right Pump for Your Job

By defining head and volume-per-day requirements, solar panel characteristics, and supplying your exact installation’s location, FE SELECT is the easiest, most complete tool for providing an immediate list of solar-powered pump systems to choose from.

4. Rising with Expanding Applications

Franklin Electric’s solar engineered drives provide the highest maximum* DC input volts rating, facilitating system upgrades and water output increase using your very own SolarPAK.

*compared to competitive solar products.

5. Extended Warranty for Water Professionals

SolarPAKs are eligible for extended warranties when using Franklin-Electric-supplied components: pump, motor, and drive. If you are a Key Dealer, see our terms here for up to 5 years of coverage.

Get started now with the flexible system solutions that meet your solar pumping requirements from ½ - 10 HP ratings and a variety of flow rates available up to 375 gallons per minute. Download our Solar Drives Comparison Tool for a quick view of our application range or visit our solar portfolio. For more information, contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative.

Learn more about incentives for Renewable Energy Systems

Did you know there are available programs that provide loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for renewable energy systems?

Learn more and enter to apply to available incentives for investments in solutions that conserve natural resources while improving agricultural operations:

Relaunch: 6-Inch High Capacity Submersible Pumps are now Compliant to all Federal Energy Efficiency Standards


Tri Seal High Capacity Pump 6In

Franklin Electric continually invests in developing and delivering pumps with improved efficiency and performance. With these investments, the 6-Inch High Capacity Submersible Pumps are compliant to all federal energy efficiency standards. Energy conservation and product efficiency improvements are key components driving innovation for Franklin Electric. These new 6-inch High Capacity Submersible Pumps, with increased efficiency, are just one piece in a growing family of high-efficiency products. The high-efficiency packages provide more value, performance, and opportunity to serve customers' water needs.

As efficiency updates have been made to these pumps, the product line has also been optimized and consolidated to one product family and will fall under Franklin Electric's premium submersible pump construction style known as Tri-Seal. A complete cross-reference guide for the Tri-Seal High Capacity can be downloaded below. 

Cross-Reference Guide

Ag/Industrial/Municipal Submersible Catalog (Mi1007)

Reminder: DOE Efficiency Standards

Effective January 27, 2020*, a Department of Energy (DOE) regulation requires all commercial, industrial, and groundwater pumps manufactured to operate within a specified horsepower range to meet their new energy conservation standard.

*All the pumps that fall under the regulation made after the implementation date will have the appropriate DOE mandated nomenclature on the products nameplate label. Pumps manufactured prior to this date may still be purchased and operated.

As a quick overview, the new DOE standards affect pumps with performance characteristics or specifications within the following ranges:

  • 1 to 200 horsepower (HP) with shaft power at the best efficiency point (BEP), at full impeller diameter for the number of stages required for testing to the standard
  • 25 gallons per minute (gpm) and greater (at BEP and full impeller diameter)
  • 459 feet of head maximum (at BEP at full impeller diameter and the number of stages specified for testing)
  • Design temperature range from 14 to 248°F