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A Focus on the Future: The Franklin Internship Experience


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Providing employees with the tools they need to thrive is an important part of life at Franklin Electric. The company's internship program lays the foundation for this, giving young professionals the opportunity to explore careers and experience the industry. This year, Franklin Electric placed interns throughout core areas such as global credit, finance, tax, audit, facilities, IT, and human resources; creative functions such as training and graphic design; and strategic fields in software, technical solutions, and business strategy.

Franklin Electric values and depends upon the diverse backgrounds, experience, knowledge, and talents of employees, and the internship program is no different. Gone are the days of interns fetching coffee. Interns are held to the same standards as full-time employees – and they're thankful for it! Hear what interns are saying about the program:

"In past internships, I primarily completed research. However, at Franklin, I know that my work was important, and better yet, I gained exposure to concepts that I had never worked on before. I could tell on my first day that I was going to enjoy working with my team and was encouraged by the opportunity to freely collaborate with a group of highly technical individuals."

Matt Rumple, Embedded Software Intern / Purdue University - West Lafayette, Anticipated December 2021 Graduate

"Not only did I improve as a designer during this experience, but as a marketer. The marketing team at Franklin is the most collaborative team that I have ever been a part of; as a result, I have a better appreciation for the planning that goes into the decisions that we're making to represent our brand. I especially enjoyed working on social media visuals – designing them and then seeing them posted." 

Kevin Schueler, Graphic Design Intern / The University of Saint Francis, May 2021 Graduate 

"I was nervous when I first started that I wouldn't know enough about the industry and products to excel in this role, but the culture at Franklin is supportive. The combined experience of working with my boss, who has 25 years under his belt, and working directly with product managers to gain a better understanding of the complexity of our products, has opened my eyes to my career potential in technical writing." 

Caroline McMasters, Technical Solutions Intern / Purdue University, December 2019 Graduate

"I never felt like a traditional intern. My experience with Franklin was very well rounded, and I know that I contributed in a meaningful way. My goal was to get as much exposure to the accounting world as I could. I completed projects in a wide variety of segments – domestically and internationally. The culture at Franklin is very welcoming – they made it easy to say 'yes' to staying on board."

Zach Johnson, Tax Department Intern / Grace College, Anticipated December 2022 Graduate 

"One of the most impactful moments I had this summer was presenting my work to company executives with an open platform. I appreciated that they listened and cared about my perspective. I had not had that opportunity with past internship programs - I felt like a valued employee. This experience has opened my eyes to the array of possibilities that my degree will bring me post-graduation."

MarShay Neely, Finance Intern / Purdue University – Fort Wayne, Anticipated May 2023 Graduate

Interns work with one another in collaborative environments and are encouraged to seek out resources required to perform at their best. Corporate Human Resources Manager Amanda Hecht affirms, "[Franklin Electric] fosters a culture where employees feel empowered." Hosting interns for frequent 'Lunch and Learns' ensures that they have a direct connection with the program's mentors and acquire practical 21st-century learning skills required for success in the workforce and beyond.

The program rounds out with individual presentations outlining eachintern's contributions, performance metrics, and overall program satisfaction rating. Managers and executives from Franklin's corporate headquarters are on hand to hear these presentations, adding to the learning experience. This serves as a development activity for both interns and leadership, as interns provide greater perspective into executive-level updates received during the interns' time on staff. 

Becoming a part of the Franklin Electric team through the internship program can open doors to opportunities for future growth. Franklin has career opportunities in many locations around the world, and interns are encouraged to explore potential permanent positions. Many interns are inspired to stay on as full-time members of the company's team.

Interested in Franklin Electric? Visit their career portal to discover open positions.

MH Series Horizontal Booster Pumps Now Cover Up To 90 GPM


The FPS MH Series horizontal booster pump has been available in nominal ratings of 15, 30 & 45 GPM through 2 horsepower. We are pleased to announce five new models with nominal flow ratings of 70 & 90 GPM through 7.5 horsepower.MH_Series_75-90gpm_Group_Photo

MH Series (70-90 GPM) Key Attributes

  • Increased Flow: Capable of flow rates of up to 145 GPM and discharge heads to 280-feet.
  • Powered with Premium Efficiency: 4, 5.5, and 7.5 horsepower, three-phase motors with IE3 efficiency, IP55 enclosure, and Class F insulation.
  • Durable Construction: Standard mechanical seal construction is Carbon graphite / Silicon carbide (SiC) / EPDM.

Important Distinction: These pumps are not available with single-phase motors or 575v three-phase ratings.

Separate catalogs are available for each MH series product line due to the significant differences in their construction:

If you have any questions concerning these products, please contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative or Technical Support at 1-800-348-2420.

Got Variable Frequency Drive Questions? Get Behind the Solutions with Terry Smith and SubDrive Connect Plus


You’ve got questions about Variable Frequency Drives and we’ve got answers! We sat down with Terry Smith, Franklin Electric Senior Product Manager, to talk through the top questions he hears about VFDs and get his expert advice on prolonging a water system’s life and maximizing overall operation.

Have you ever wondered:

  • How can I protect my pumping system from premature failures?
  • How can I simplify setup for jobs that use variable frequency drives?
  • What challenges come with operating a high-horsepower variable frequency drive? 

Watch now to discover how SubDrive Connect Plus delivers significant energy cost savings and more.

Powering Systems at Peak Efficiency With Permanent Magnet Technology


As natural and human resources get stretched, the need for equipment that runs efficiently has become more critical than ever, whatever the job. This is especially true in pumping systems, where water management plays an essential role in various industrial, commercial, municipal or agricultural operations. 

PMM Construction

Efficient solutions deliver positive financial benefits, yet system reliability—including steady operation and consistent performance—is still nonnegotiable. 

Discover a growing solution for delivering higher efficiency with proven reliability: permanent magnet technology. These motor systems can run at a synchronous speed, providing improved hydraulic performance. Brought to you by our own Paul Luarde and Chris Schantz, as featured in Pumps and Systems Magazine

Product Discontinuation: 5 & 7 GPM Tri-Seal Pumps


In the 4-inch residential and light commercial space, Franklin Electric offers three pump types rated with a best efficiency point (BEP) of 5 and 7 gallons per minute (GPM): 3200 Series, Series V, and Tri-Seal Series. Upon inventory depletion, Tri-Seal pumps are being discontinued.Tri Seal Group

What Does this Mean to You?

Orders for Tri-Seal models will be fulfilled using an alternative. Consider all Franklin pumps are designed to perform well in nearly all water well conditions. However, regional requirements might dictate other product choices, such as better dry-run capability or improved sand handling.

The two following pump design constructions are available to cover your demand:

  • By default, orders for Tri-Seal models will be fulfilled with 3200 Series models*.
    • 3200 Series, built with a Sandhandler top bearing system, is an ideal solution for areas that demand extra sand protection.
  • Please, consult your Franklin Electric Representative to understand if you require a different alternative.
    • For applications where the aquifer in the area is susceptible to extreme drawdown, Series V is built to include dry-run impervious top bearing system.

Supporting Resources

See the chart below for guidance in selecting the alternative pumps as changes become effective and fully reflected on our supporting materials.

5 7 Tri Seal Guide

Download the Tri-Seal Cross Reference Guide to easily identify the new model/item numbers across each pump family.

If you have any questions concerning these products, please contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative or Technical Support at 1-800-348-2420.

Franklin Wells for the World Foundation (FWWF) Provides Access to Clean Water with Solar Pumps


The global coronavirus pandemic had a devastating impact not only on the South African healthcare system, FWWF Soimet 2016 05but also on its infrastructure growth during 2020. Despite these challenges, Franklin Wells for the World Foundation (FWWF) was able to accomplish the goal of providing access to clean, safe, and sustainable water and sanitation solutions within the remote communities of Sutherland in South Africa, Chikuluma, Malawi, and in Mongu, Zambia. 

“The people of Sutherland’s Central Karoo area have experienced severe drought for over seven years,” states Attie Jonker, vice pesident, Commercial Group, South Africa at Franklin Electric. “The opportunity to partner with GOGF in giving water and some relief to those who have been gravely affected by the drought is gratifying for our organization. As we continue our mission of bringing clean water to the people in these communities, we are committed to restoring hope for the next generations.”

Read the full news at Water Well Journal to learn more about this and other  projects during 2021 as it marks the 10th anniversary of Franklin Wells for the World Foundation: 

Franklin Wells for the World Foundation Provides Access to Clean Water with Solar Pumps

Achieving the Ideal Balance in Potable Water Applications


As more industries look for pumping solutions that operate with greater efficiency and conserve energy, municipal water systems are faced with their own set of challenges.

In a demanding municipal setting that runs constantly, given their  24/7 operation, the groundbreaking high-efficiency pumping systems powered by permanent magnet motor technology offer reduced operational costs and payback in as few as one to two years, while the system's life cycle continues to serve the community for more than a decade when operating at regular conditions.

As featured in the article from the May 2021 edition of Pumps and Systems magazine, learn how permanent magnet motor technology can maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs in pumping systems to enhance your application.

PMM Operation Cost Savings

Simplified Inventory Management with SubDrive20


Effective immediately, the SubDrive15 model is being discontinued to allow for simplified inventory management leveraging the SubDrive20 model. Upon inventory depletion of the SubDrive15 model, our SubDrive20 will be offered as your replacement for standalone variable frequency drives and corresponding SubDrive QuickPAK solutions.Sub Drive Connect Drive (1)

What Does this Mean to You?

  • Simplified Inventory Management: Our SubDrive20 model offers you a reliable VFD solution for single-phase, 3-wire and 3-phase constant pressure applications up to 2 HP.
  • Maintain Your Small Footprint: Leveraging the smaller enclosure design used in the SubDrive15 Connect, our SubDrive20 Connect model was enhanced to run in a smaller yet powerful NEMA 3R enclosure. Learn more about the news
  • Continued Serviceability: We will continue to offer a selection of our popular accessories and replacements that coincide with Subrive20 models.

Current _VFD_Solution _SD20

To learn more about the latest resources, visit the SubDrive & MonoDrive product page. To learn more about our popular all-in-one package including a pump, motor and drive, visit SubDrive QuickPAK product page.

If you have any questions concerning these products, please contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative or Technical Support at 1-800-348-2420.

Stock Up On Franklin Gear Today


Are you looking to stock up on merchandise from major brands like Franklin Electric, Pioneer Pump, Little Giant and FPS?

Look no further than our enhanced Franklin Electric promotional store, where you'll discover made-to-order gear from a large assortment of quality labels such as Carhartt, The North Face, Nike, and OGIO, to name a few.

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Vertical Lineshaft vs. Submersible Turbine Pumps: Which Offers More Benefits for my Application?


If you’re weighing the merits of installing either a vertical lineshaft turbine or a submersible turbine pump – you’ve probably wondering how to choose. What makes one the better option for a job? Here’s what our experts recommend you consider: Turbine Pumps Group Hero

  • Do you need the capability to replace your motor down the road? Motors in vertical lineshaft turbine installations are typically more accesible and therefore, are easier to replace.
  • What role does price play in your decision? With both types of pumps, pricing can depend on a lot of variables: How deep are you setting the system? What horsepower do you require? Smaller horsepower motors are typically less expensive in a submersible application.
  • Are you looking for quiet operation? If your well is close to visitors on a golf course or near residential areas, you want to keep noise at a minimum. In these applications, a submersible pump is the better choice since it operates at a lower decibel level.
  • How high of a flow rate do you require? Franklin Electric has submersibles with bowl sizes up to 12” while our lineshaft pumps go up to 42” making them better for very high-capacity applications.
  • How important are ease of installation and required maintenance? Submersible pumps feature fewer moving parts, which can mean easier initial installation and less scheduled maintenance down the road. Keep in mind, due to pre-lubrication requirements for lineshaft and bearings, vertical lineshaft turbines demand a more involved initial installation process than submersible pumps.

When it comes to application-specific considerations, take into account the following aspects of your installation:

  • Is your well straight or misaligned? If you’re installing a pump and you happpen to come across a misaligned well, a submersible pump is typically the better choice. A lineshaft and its bearings require a specific alignment – which can be challenging to achieve in a crooked well.
  • Do you need high flow from a reduced diameter borehole? Submersibles are typically operated at higher speeds than lineshafts, enabling them to move more water with a slimmer diameter pump.
  • Do you have top feeding well or open water application? If you are solving pumping needs for these applications, consider a vertical lineshaft turbine will not demand any cooling flow requirements due to its design, while a submersible turbine may require a flow sleeve to ensure cooling flow. 
  • Do you need a diesel-driven backup option? Vertical lineshaft pumps featuring a gear drive can deliver it.

VLST Vs ST Chart

Franklin Electric offers a wide selection of both types of pumps, delivering flows up to 40,000 gallons per minute with heads that can go up to 2,500 feet deep.

Find the right pump for your application using FE Select: