Only Franklin Electric offers you the MonoDrive!


monodrive_monodrivext.jpgWhat’s so special?

If water pressure isn’t quite up to homeowners’ expectations, the MonoDrive can help. By simply replacing the control box with a MonoDrive controller, they can have immediate constant water pressure in their home.

No other constant pressure system available in the market can be used on an existing 3-wire motor already in the well! Talk about flexibility! Now dealers can provide their customers a constant pressure water system without even pulling the pump!

How does it work?

Franklin Electric’s proprietary drive technology and intimate knowledge of the submersible single-phase motor are the keys to using a single-phase motor for variable speed applications. Just as with our SubDrive controllers, the MonoDrive continuously monitors water demand and adjusts the speed of the pump to maintain a constant pressure in the water system, even when demand changes. It works with existing pressure tanks, or with much smaller, space-saving tanks…your choice!

We'll Help Support Dealers!

With the participation of our dedicated distributors, dealers can use our co-marketing promotional materials to promote and retrofit MonoDrive installations, generating additional revenue. We have developed support materials that are designed to stimulate homeowner awareness and interest in constant pressure, especially for conversions of existing 3-wire water systems. Dealers can create their own promotions using our layouts, or distributors can help them mix and match materials to customize their promotions.

    • Ads
    • Direct Mailers
    • Billing Inserts
    • Door Hangers

Think Of The Possibilities

The potential for additional business is huge! Think of every 3-wire system that dealers have installed over the last 5 years!

Dealers can continue to be profitable during the slow season by upgrading their existing customer base with a MonoDrive controller. It’s simple!

Offer A FREE "Test Drive"

Test DriveDealers can “kick-start” their MonoDrive retrofit campaigns with the MonoDrive TestDrive Kit. This kit is a special QD Control Box lid that can be wired into a working MonoDrive unit, allowing the installer to easily and quickly replace an existing QD control box lid on a 3-wire submersible water well system.After connecting the pressure switch using the faucet adapter provided in the kit, it’s ready to go! Conversion to constant pressure in minutes…..and you can only do it with Franklin’s MonoDrive.

With the MonoDrive and TestDrive Kit, dealers can now provide homeowners the option to see what life is like with constant pressure…without having to buy anything up front! Experience so far has shown that homeowners are more likely to try it out if they can take it for a “TestDrive”. Dealers can use their MonoDrives equipped with the TestDrive Kit from one house to the next, installing new MonoDrives for those homeowners who say “I want one!”

    • “Test Drive” is a temporary hook-up to an existing 3-wire submersible water well system.
    • Easy installation and removal.
    • Contact your Franklin representative to get “Test Drive” Kits today.
    • MonoDrive technology…just another way Franklin Electric is better for your business!

Offer expires: August 31, 2007