Franklin Electric Launches Homeowner Focused Website


Franklin Electric is proud to introduce a new homeowner-focused, interactive website. The site,, is designed to inform homeowners that they can do something about the water pressure in their home, directly from the well.

subdrive300.jpg Constant pressure systems are changing the standard for private water well systems all over the country. Franklin’s state-of-the-art SubDrive and MonoDrive products provide the homeowner a dependable constant pressure solution, keeping water pressure constant throughout the home. Homeowners can use as much or as little water as they want without losing pressure. That should make them happy!

The purpose of this website is to build awareness of Franklin’s constant pressure solutions, generate interest, and provide leads to professional dealers in their area that can install the system. The homeowner can find information about constant pressure technology in general, Franklin Electric SubDrives and MonoDrives, private water system basics, and differences between conventional and constant pressure systems.

cp_website.jpgThis site is also intended as a reference or tool for dealers to use for their own information or to help them in their efforts to inform homeowners about the benefits of a constant pressure water system in their home. Interactive animated examples throughout the site educate and engage the homeowner on various issues with visually appealing solutions.

By providing this “tool”, Franklin Electric gives you another way to make your business more successful by reaching out to the homeowner. The market for constant pressure water systems is growing every day, and it is an important source of additional revenue for your business! We want to help you tap into it!

mom_cp.jpgHave a look at the website and send us an e-mail if you are interested in other marketing tools to promote constant pressure such as the MonoDrive TestDrive, door hangers, direct mail layouts, etc.

Let us help you keep the "pressure on" so you can have a "constant flow" of happy customers!