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Franklin’s Quality Panel Designed Specifically for the Water Systems Industry

submonitor_openpanel.jpgFranklin Electric proudly offers the industry a premium 3-phase panel system solution. This solution combines the superb quality of Franklin's 3-phase motors, state-of-the-art pump protection technology, and quality components, all in a heavy duty panel optimized for water and irrigation applications. We've gone beyond industry standards incorporating new features for 2007.

A spacious layout makes installation and maintenance simple and easy, and these panels are rated for use as a service entrance, so there’s no need for a separate panel. Franklin panels come equipped with all the necessary components to optimize your system according to Franklin Electric’s AIM manual recommendations, providing the dependable performance you expect from Franklin systems.

New Features:

    • Meets NEC requirements for use as Service Entrance Equipment
    • NEMA contactor
    • Heavier gauge steel
    • Expanded range of available ratings from 3-200 hp and 200-575 Volts
    • Built with state-of-the-art motor logic protection

Standard Features:

    • Fully approved UL, heavy duty NEMA 3R
    • Equipped with lightning arrestor, door wind hinge, and H-O-A switch
    • Designed with a pilot device and alarm terminal
    • Uses manual push-to-start and hand-off-auto switch
    • Additional options include: SubMonitor protection and face mount display, control power transformer, and extended warranty

For more information about the 3-phase panel system solution, please contact your local Franklin Electric Territory Manager, visit us online at www.franklin-electric.com or click to view the 3-Phase Panel Flyer.

SubDrive NEMA 4
Constant Pressure in Outdoor Environments


For optimal performance and protection in unpredictable seasonal weather, Franklin’s SubDrive with NEMA 4 rated enclosure is your weatherproof solution.

Designed for the toughest outdoor applications, the NEMA 4 enclosure protects against seasonal weather conditions such as:

    • Rain, sleet, snow, and external ice
    • Splashing or hose-directed water
    • Falling dirt or windblown dust
    • Enclosure corrosion

Developed to handle single-phase input with three-phase drive output, SubDrive is perfect for applications where constant pressure is essential.


    • Residential Homes
    • Restaurants
    • Small Factories
    • Car Washes
    • Wastewater Treatment
    • Processing and Preparation Operations
    • Industrial Process Controls

For more information about SubDrive NEMA 4 products, please contact your local Franklin Electric Territory Manager, visit us online at www.franklin-electric.com or click to view our Watertight Constant Pressure For All Seasons Flyer.

New Features Enhance QD Pumptec Protection

QD PumpTecThrough our program of continuous improvement, Franklin has updated QD Pumptec to allow the user to choose the standard factory calibration for underload or to custom calibrate for a particular system. New control knobs make it easy to access and adjust sensitivity and time-out settings. Exclusively designed for Franklin QD Relay Control Boxes, QD Pumptec is a solid-state sensing device that monitors motor load and automatically shuts off a Franklin single-phase, 3-wire motor when dry well conditions are detected. QD Pumptec will protect the life of your 4-inch pump and reduces the odds that you will ever have to see the motor again. QD Pumptec plugs easily into any 3-wire QD Relay control box without additional wiring or tools, providing protection you can count on.

Features include:

    • Microcomputer technology for continuous monitoring and protection.
    • Protection against pump burnout from dry well conditions
    • Protection from damaging high and low line voltage conditions
    • Enhanced deep set well protection
    • Sensitivity and timeout adjustments for unusual well conditions

For information on single-phase pump protection, click here to view other Pumptec Products or contact your Franklin Electric representative.

SubDrive Duplex Alternator with NEMA 4 Enclosure

duplex-alternator.jpgFranklin Electric’s new SubDrive Duplex Alternator provides water systems professionals the ability to alternate between two parallel pump/motor assemblies controlled by separate SubDrives. The SubDrive Duplex Alternator is ideal for applications requiring redundant systems, such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, and small municipal water systems.

The Alternator switches between the two SubDrive pump systems based on the user’s selected run time, evenly dispersing the work load by balancing the run time of each unit.

The SubDrive Duplex Alternator provides:

    • Safe operation using a 120 VAC/12 VAC outdoor rating and low voltage wiring connection
    • Ability to work with either FE SubDrives (SD75, SD150, SD300) or FE MonoDrives (MonoDrive and MonoDriveXT)
    • Weatherproof, indoor/outdoor NEMA 4 rated enclosure
    • Push button design, allowing the user to select the interval or complete a manual pump switch
    • Indictor lights showing time settings, fault and status for each pump
    • Optional alarm contacts
    • Simple installation with easy-to-follow wiring diagram and terminal strip

For more information on the SubDrive Duplex Alternator, please contact your local Franklin Electric Territory Manager or visit us online at www.franklin-electric.com.