Franklin’s StatorSHIELD™ Technology Increases Motor Life


Did you Know?

One of the core technologies that sets the Franklin Electric motor apart in water well applications around the world is StatorSHIELD™. This winding insulation, protection, and support system uses proprietary encapsulation technology to enhance the motor’s durability and dependability and extend its life.

The primary features of the StatorSHIELD™ system are Franklin’s proprietary encapsulating slurry and the manufacturing process itself. Developed by Franklin through decades of experience building reliable motors, this sophisticated technology combines material and process to achieve superior performance. Other encapsulated motors may look the same, but durable, consistent performance and the test of time stand behind Franklin’s StatorSHIELD™ technology.

Franklin’s StatorSHIELD™ system provides protection in four major areas:

Insulation—Everyone knows electricity and water don’t mix. Encapsulation is the most effective to keep water away from the windings.

Winding Support—Windings can move during start-up, causing wear and tear. StatorSHIELD™ encapsulation holds windings firmly in place, providing stability and support.

Heat Transfer—Heat generated in the windings needs to be transferred to the outside of the motor as efficiently as possible. Heat transfer through Franklin’s StatorSHIELD™ encapsulation is much faster and more efficient than other motor designs.

Anti-Tracking—Voltage surges can cause arcing between windings and the shell of the motor. The path of this arc through the encapsulation material can leave a carbon track that can be a future resistance weak point. The StatorSHIELD™ encapsulation formula helps minimize and repair carbon tracking.

So the next time you put a Franklin motor in the well, you should be even more confident that it will stay there …because now you know!