Ask For It By Name


If the motor you just bought says “Made in China” on the bottom...


…It’s not from Franklin Electric!

Time is running out! Pump manufacturers who have not had access to Franklin Electric motors will run out of their stockpiles soon. That means they will have to try to sell your submersible pump with a different motor.

Don’t make the assumption that the submersible pump you just bought is powered by a Franklin Electric motor. If you don’t see the Franklin Electric logo on the motor, you are most likely receiving a substitute that does not have decades of proven experience behind it.

This is a Franklin motor...


Your business depends upon your choice of quality products. If you want the same reliable submersible motor that you have depended on for generations, with the training, field service, and hotline support that come with it, make sure you specify the Franklin Electric motor on your submersible pumps.


Franklin Electric. Ask for it by name!