Apples and Oranges – The Franklin Electric “High Thrust” vs. the competition



As you know from years of experience installing Franklin Electric motors, our 4-inch high thrust motor was developed to handle extreme loads generated by larger pumps in deep-set, severe applications where stress can be brutal.  Years of experience in design and manufacturing submersible motors have been incorporated into our 4-inch high thrust design so that we can offer quality products that stand up to demanding applications.

At Franklin Electric, “high thrust” means the motor’s bottom bearing is rated for at least 1,500 lbs. of downthrust.  4-inch Franklin motors rated 5 hp and higher come standard with this thrust rating, as the majority of these motors are used in applications where conditions are much more demanding than in a typical residential water well installation. In addition, Franklin also offers the 1,500 lb. thrust bearing as an option for some lower ratings (1.5 through 3 hp) to make sure you can address a wide range of tough conditions. (Standard thrust ratings are 650 lbs. for 1.5 and 2 hp motors and 900 lbs. for 3 hp motors.)

While other manufacturers have defined a ½ Hp motor with a 700 lb. thrust rating as a High Thrust motor, this just doesn’t measure up to our definition.

As far as the lower hp ratings are concerned, our ½ to 2 hp Super Stainless motors are rated for 300 to 650 lbs of downthrust, but are tested to over 2,500 lbs. We’ll talk more about that in the next E-Link, but for now, make sure you don’t mix apples and oranges when comparing High Thrust motors.