Franklin thrust bearings may appear the same as others on the outside, but inside it’s another story.


Franklin Electric thrust bearing technology incorporates unique, trade secret processes and methodology for a bearing system that is application-specific and time-proven. Franklin submersible motors offer better thrust protection than other motors on the market.

Precision Engineering
Franklin has fine-tuned thrust systems based on pump loads over many years. Our engineering experience and manufacturing volume have allowed us to develop and tool multiple thrust bearing designs, suitable for each application. In addition, our thrust bearings can withstand many times more force than their nominal ratings, and each one is tested at 150% of rated load. Experience has shown time and again that each of our bearing systems, regardless of size, has more than enough capacity to handle the requirements of real-world applications.

A Perfect Fit
Just as a small bearing is not appropriate for a large motor, neither is a large bearing appropriate for a small motor. So don’t be fooled by the rating game. Ratings can be a useful tool, but any tool is worthless unless you know how to use it. You may hear numbers such as 300 lbs., 650 lbs., 900 lbs., 1500 lbs.— even up to 10,000 lbs. or more. Just remember that more doesn’t mean better. What is far more important is that your bearing system is perfectly matched to your application. Lower volume and less experience have forced others to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, but the test of time has shown that Franklin motors have more than enough bearing capacity for durable and dependable performance.

So the next time you put a Franklin motor in the well, you should be even more confident that it will stay there ….because now you know!