Now Available by Franklin Electric........................ Three-Phase Panel Factory Modifications


Franklin’s heavy duty three-phase panels are optimized for water and irrigation applications. The design makes installation and maintenance simple and easy, so there’s no need to spend time wrestling with wires, and adding components is easy. With a Franklin three-phase control panel, you can be sure that your system is set-up according to Franklin’s recommendations.

Franklin Electric three-phase control panels are available from 3 to 200 hp, in ratings from 200 to 575 Volts.

Standard features:

    • UL approved,
      heavy-duty NEMA 3R enclosure
    • Class R fusible disconnect
    • Service entrance rated
    • Lightning arrestor
    • Motor logic or
      Franklin SubMonitor protected
    • NEMA contactor
    • Door wind hinge
    • Pilot device and
      alarm terminal block
    • H-O-A switch
    • Manual push-to-start switch
    • Easy hook-up

Three-Phase Panel Factory Modifications Now Available!

Franklin Electric now offers factory modification options to enhance and add value to your system. Now you can optimize your water and irrigation applications with the following value-added components, installed in your panel at the manufacturer:

Designed to protect three-phase pumps by monitoring current, voltage and motor temperature* using three integrated current transformers.
*For motors equipped with a Subtrol sensor.


omega-cn7500-for-pt100_new.jpgOmega PT100 Digital Reader
Displays the temperature from Franklin Electric’s PT100 and can be set to trigger an alarm or trip the motor at specified temperature ranges.


cptphoto_new.jpgControl Circuit Transformers
Convert the supply voltage required to power a piece of equipment to the voltage needed for various control circuits.


pilotlights_new.jpgPilot Lights
Indicate when power is on/off or when a motor is in operation.


Allow the easy addition of control devices. Mounted on the side of the contactor.


sspadlockattachmentphoto_new.jpgPadlock Attachment for H-O-A Switch
Allows the owner to lock the hand-off-auto switch in the “on” or “off” position to prevent tampering with the pump panel.


elapsed-time-meter_new.jpgAnalog Elapsed Time Meter
Keeps track of the total running time of the motor in hours.

Equip your three-phase panel with Franklin’s factory modifications to get the most from your investment!