Key Dealers – Spread the Word about MonoDrive!


Do your customers know about the MonoDrive constant pressure option? One of the most exciting products in Franklin’s constant pressure systems portfolio is MonoDrive, which allows you to retrofit constant pressure to existing 3-wire installations. To help you spread the word, take a look at the promotion tools we offer.


The Mailer is a direct-mail piece that you can mail to homeowners in your trade area. There is space available for your own message or company information. This piece can stand on its own as a postcard, or it can be used as an invoice stuffer to remind your customer that he can upgrade an existing 3-wire standard system to a constant pressure system. 

Either way you use it, you get the message out and get customers to start calling you!


Get the neighbors to jump on the bandwagon. While you are at an installation, why not promote constant pressure with the neighbors?  There’s a good chance that they are just as interested in having constant pressure from the well as their neighbor and would be glad to hear that there is a solution for low water pressure. Pre-cut and ready to go, all you have to do is slip this piece over a door handle.

These documents are available exclusively to Key Dealers and can be ordered online at Click on Ad Artwork in the Advertising section to place your order; you will be asked to provide your Key Dealer number at that time. During the month of may, there will be no charge to E-Link subscribers for orders of up to 200 pieces.