Leverage the power of your SubMonitor with the Franklin Electric D3


The SubMonitor is designed to protect three-phase pumps by monitoring current, voltage and motor temperature. It has protected many pumps from ultimately failing. With the D3, you can download the data from the SubMonitor’s data logging memory. It’s amazing what you can learn about an installation.

Franklin Electric’s D3 is a communications and data management product that allows you to download data from the SubMonitor and upload to a PC.

Knowing exactly what went wrong can make all the difference when it comes to troubleshooting a water system installation. For example, we know that many installers have had disputes with the power company when unpredictable power causes motor problems. Many times you are left with no evidence to prove that motor damage was caused by a power outage. With the downloaded data from the SubMonitor, you have the cold hard facts, thanks to the D3.

To download data from your SubMonitor, simply disconnect the display head unit from the base unit, plug it into the “RJ” connector of the D3, and push the on/off button. Connect the D3 to your PC to download the data. The download will be in an Excel *.CSV and/or *.XLS format and may be used for graphing, or you can print out the files of event history to show your customer.

D3 Included items:

    • D3 Unit
    • D3 Software
    • USB Connector Cable
    • Installation Instructions

System requirements:

    • Windows XP or Vista Version 1.4 – 6.5MB

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