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Franklin Electric’s Pumptec Remote Control

Did you know you can download valuable data from your Pumptec Remote Control to optimize your protection system?

The Palm® and Pocket PC software for the Pumptec Remote Control are available online. The user guide for the handheld Palm® device is intended to help you effectively utilize your Pumptec protection system supplying valuable information to help keep your system operating. The handheld Palm® allows you to review and transfer the fault history from the Palm® to your PC. You can find the Pumptec Remote Control User Guide, Palm® and Pocket PC software on our website here.

System Requirements for the Pumptec Remote Control: Pumptec software for your Palm® Performs with Palm® devices and PCs running the Palm® operating system.

System Requirements for Pocket PC: Pumptec software for your Pocket PC Requires devices (PDA) that run Windows mobile 4.0 or 5.0 or Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smart Phones.

Franklin Electric’s SubMonitor D3



The SubMonitor is designed to protect three-phase pumps by monitoring current, voltage and motor temperature. It has protected many pumps from ultimately failing. With Franklin Electric’s SubMonitor D3 communications and data management product, you can download data from the SubMonitor’s data logging memory and upload to a PC. When troubleshooting is necessary in a water system installation, knowing what went wrong can make a difference. The D3 is compatible with any Franklin Electric SubMonitor. You can find the SubMonitor D3 Software along with Installation & Operation Instructions on our website here. These instructions are also loaded onto the D3 software and come with each SubMonitor D3 unit.

System Requirements for the SubMonitor D3: Windows XP or Vista Version 1.4 - 6.5MB