Franklin Electric Product Update: 1.5 Hp Control Box


Product Update

1.5 hp Control Box
On February 22, 2008, Marketing News No. 080201b was published to all of our distributors; however, it has come to our attention that many dealers may not be informed about the 1.5 hp control box change. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate information about the control box change and offer you the original control box as an option for replacing control boxes on older motors (before 06H).

From the February 22, 2008 Marketing News:

    • New 1½ hp motors (after date code 06H) have built-in overloads.
    • New 1½ hp control boxes (p/n 2823008610) do not have overloads in them.
      In response to a large number of customer complaints about nuisance tripping, we made this change (in February 2008) as a quality improvement to enhance overload/overheat detection. In general, the best place for an overload is in the motor because of the proximity to the motor windings. Additionally, although our guidelines recommend against it, many control boxes are installed where they are exposed to the sunlight, raising the ambient temperature of the overload and causing nuisance tripping. It is for these reasons that the overload was eliminated in the new 1½ hp control box.
    • The run capacitor rating in the new control box increased from 10 to 15 µF. This capacitor change provides improved motor efficiency, smoother operation and reduced motor amp draw.
    • An overload kit (part #: 305388901) is available for converting a new control box for use with older 1 ½ Hp motors (before 06H date code), and it includes an overload protector and a 10 µF run capacitor.
    • Recognizing new control boxes - To help our customers recognize the new control boxes, there is a special product labeling (a blue dot affixed to the packaging carton) and a product notification card with overload protection requirements (see product notification card below). This box is also rated for use with Franklin 1 Hp motors which have contained overloads since 1985.

Based on customer feedback, we have decided to provide the original 1½ hp control box as an additional option to the overload kit for replacing control boxes on older 1½ hp motors (before 06H). Distributors will now have the option to stock new (no overload) and old (with overload) control boxes, new control boxes only with overload kits or all three as they see fit. We have also made a change to the pricing of the new control box.

    • New Control Box p/n: 2823008610
    • Old Control Box p/n: 2823008110
    • Availability of p/n 2823008110: Ramped production (Limited availability) starting August 1st
    • Pricing for our 1½ Hp control boxes is as follows:
        • Old Control Box – P/N 2823008110 (with Overload): $111
        • New Control Box – P/N 2823008610 (without Overload): $101
    • Availability of control box for older 1½ Hp motors
      We will ramp up production of this control box starting in August 2008.
  • Replacing control boxes on older motors (prior to 06H date code)

1½ Hp motors built before August 2006 (06H) do not have overloads in them. When replacing control boxes on these older motors, installers need to make sure an overload is available in the replacement control box. They now have two options:

    1. Install a new control box (p/n 2823008610) that has been modified using an overload kit (p/n 305388901),


    1. Install the old version of the 1½ Hp control box (p/n 2823008110)

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