Franklin High Thrust Motors Family


As a water systems professional, you know better than anyone that not every well is the same—and we know it, too. Franklin 4-inch high thrust submersible motors are routinely used in applications that expose them to a wide variety of environmental conditions and design challenges. Although our standard high thrust motor is versatile and robust, you may not know that we also offer several high thrust motor options to meet specific market needs.


Sand FighterTM Motors

Franklin’s patented Sand Fighter™ motor features a mechanical seal for applications where heavy debris, sand or silt may be present. By design, a mechanical seal keeps water in and debris out.   

Coal Bed Methane Motors

A growing US market is coal bed methane recovery, which recovers, compresses and utilizes greenhouse gas in place of natural gas. Franklin’s coal bed methane motors are designed for applications that pump the water off coal seams, thereby releasing the gas the water has trapped in them. These units see extreme conditions from both temperatures and operating time.


Oil Stripper Motors

The Franklin oil stripper motor is designed to operate in the oil recovery process where either saline laden water or brackish water environments exist.  These motors are ideal for hostile environments where high pressure waters are flooded into the veins to recover all salvageable crude from the oil vein. Specialty seals and rubber components keep the unit running in this harsh environment, because once these motors are started, they’re rarely shut down until removed from service.


A Motor for Every Well

Franklin’s original motor designs and specialty components allow you to select just the right motor for your submersible high thrust application. From our versatile standard motor to our specialty Sand Fighter™, coal bed methane, and oil stripper motors, we have a product for any water well environment.