SubDrive NEMA 4 Fan Kit


Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the availability of replacement fans for our SubDrive75 and SubDrive150 NEMA 4 controllers.

As you know, the NEMA 4 enclosure allows Franklin Electric’s family of SubDrive controllers to be mounted in even the most demanding environmental conditions. These units are built with two compartments: a gasketed, watertight compartment which houses sensitive electronic components, and an adjacent, ventilated compartment containing a heat sink and fan to provide cooling air.

Since the fan must be open to the environment for air circulation, it may need to be cleaned or replaced over its lifetime. In situations where the fan cannot be cleaned, has been damaged, or is malfunctioning, Franklin’s new fan kit allows the easy replacement of this essential component. Each kit includes a complete fan assembly, mounting gasket, and installation instructions. Fan kits are available for:

Controller Kit Part No. USD List Price CAD List Price
SubDrive75 NEMA 4 225 635 901 $101.03 $110.68
SubDrive150 NEMA 4  225 635 902  $107.70  $117.98

For more information, contact your local Franklin Electric distributor.