Constant Pressure The Way You Want It


With the introduction of several new products into the SubDrive Family, you can now offer a full range of constant pressure controllers from 1/2 hp – 5.0 hp, providing continuous water flow when desired.

Now, taking a shower, running the dishwasher and even watering the lawn, all at the same time, without a reduction in pressure, has never been this easy.  Constant pressure controllers are perfect for new water systems or existing well upgrades.

Introducing the MonoDrive and MonoDriveXT NEMA 4

MonoDrive and MonoDriveXT NEMA 4

Available only from Franklin Electric, the MonoDrive and MonoDriveXT are the industry’s only constant pressure controllers designed to convert existing single-phase three-wire pumping systems to constant pressure.  With NEMA 4 enclosures, rated for outdoor use, these units offer new opportunities to retrofit even more installations than before.  Now, you can retrofit 3-wire installations where the control box is mounted outside, giving you more opportunities than ever to increase revenue for your business.

Franklin is no longer offering the MonoDrive NEMA3R model.  The NEMA 4 models are an easy retrofit for those existing N3R control boxes that have been mounted outside.

DescriptionModel Number
MonoDrive NEMA 4 587 020 3114
MonoDriveXT NEMA 4 587 020 4114

Additionally, an easy replaceable fan kit is available for SubDrive and MonoDrive units.

Controller KitPart No.
SubDrive75 NEMA 4  225 635 901
SubDrive100 NEMA 4 225 635 902
SubDrive150 NEMA 4 225 635 902
MonoDrive NEMA 4 225 635 901
MonoDriveXT NEMA 4 225 635 902

SubDrive / MonoDrive products are ideal for applications where constant pressure is desirable:
• Residential water systems
• Car washes
• Schools
• Wastewater treatment
• Restaurants
• Processing and preparation operations
• Small factories

SubDrive / MonoDrive Benefits:
• Constant water pressure with a wide range of settings (25 to 80 psi)
• Easy installation
• Soft start feature prevents water hammer and increases motor life
• Works with small pressure tanks or existing larger tanks
• Smart Reset® technology allows well recovery before restarting the pump
• Single-phase input power with three-phase motor performance (SubDrive models)
• Excellent radio frequency interference shielding
• UL and CUL listed

Don’t forget about our homeowner-focused interactive constant pressure website filled with SubDrive and MonoDrive information and interactive animated examples. If you are interested in other marketing tools to help you promote constant pressure, contact your local territory representative.