Franklin Product Enhancements


Franklin Electric is pleased to announce SubDrive/MonoDrive product enhancements, better serving you and your customers.

Product Enhancements

SubDrive300 - #8 Flash Fault Code

dignostcodes3An additional flash fault code (#8) has been recently added as a part of Franklin’s SubDrive300 system monitoring method. The product is designed to alert customers of a potential issue with their water; this code represents an overpressure event. The new code is only added to the SubDrive300, which also had a second (white) pressure sensor to detect pressures exceeding 100 psi. The new fault code ties in with the existing diagnostic codes already provided by the system. However, instead of simply decelerating to a stop during an overpressure event, the system will now stop abruptly and announce this code as a fault.

Download an updated Diagnostic Fault Code Sheet here.

NEMA 4 SubDrive75/150/MonoDrive/MonoDriveXT

strainrelief2The NEMA 4 SubDrive75/SubDrive150/MonoDrive/MonoDriveXT products will soon include a small strain relief for the pressure sensor cable. This will allow the sensor cable to securely attach to NEMA 4 enclosures, assuring the NEMA 4 rating.

NSF ANSI 61 Approval

Franklin Electric recently obtained the NSF ANSI 61 certification for SubDrive/MonoDrive pressure switches. The certification will now be displayed on the brass ring of both, the (white) overpressure and (black) pressure-regulating switches. As states adopt the NSF certification, Franklin’s proactive approach gives you the ability to continue to use our pressure switches without waiting to meet state requirements.