2009 Great Place to Work Award


For the second consecutive year Franklin Electric Linares earned a place as one of the 2009 Top Ten Greatest Companies to Work for in Mexico by Great Place to Work® Institute. Franklin Electric Linares placed first in manufacturing companies with less than 500 employees, third in manufacturing companies and eighth overall of best companies in Mexico.

Built in 2002, Linares is one of 21 Franklin Electric manufacturing/distributing facilities worldwide and is a major manufacturer of 4-inch submersible pumps, 4-inch super stainless and composite motors and all sizes of submersible motor leads.

The Great Place to Work® Awards are a unique way Great Place to Work® Institute recognizes the accomplishments of organizations that have implemented creative and innovative approaches to developing trust, pride and camaraderie within their workplaces. Honorees are selected with particular attention to their excellence in one of the five dimensions of the Great Place to Work® Model©: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.