SubDrive/MonoDrive Labeling Changes


As we continue to improve our products, changes will be applied to the labeling in the SubDrive/MonoDrive product line to help installers with Installation and Troubleshooting.

1. A new bright orange and black sticker/label will be placed inside the access cover across the motor output terminal block.

2. The fault code label has been updated to include new fault codes and reformatted in such a way as to only require one label for the entire product line.

3. The Switch Configuration labels have also been modified to better convey the proper configuration, based on pump and motor combination. This label will be moved from the back of the access cover to the fan cover, below the circuit board for Nema 4 excluding the SD300. The NEMA 1 Switch Configuration label location will not change.

These changes allow the consolidation of the number of labels currently being produced, enable all drives to have common labeling, providing troubleshooters with a standard label.