Next Generation of 6-Inch Submersible Motors Launch


Franklin Electric is pleased to announce the next generation of robust 6-inch submersible motors following a successful beta trial in 2011. The 6-inch DR56 line of motors is being released into the latest edition of Franklin Electric’s submersible Irrigation and Industrial catalog.

Effective immediately, the 6-inch DR56 motor construction will replace the 6-inch Hi-Temp 50 °C 50 and 60 hp motors in the Irrigation and Industrial catalog. The 6-inch DR56 motor will be the only available option for applications requiring 122 °F (50 °C) rated motors.

The 6-inch DR56 motors are a result of research and development efforts to improve Franklin’s submersible motor capabilities in handling increasing ambient temperatures, higher pump thrust loads, and lower cooling flow demands in applications limited in available well casing space. The 6-inch DR56 combines a portion of Franklin’s Hi-Temp construction with new features, creating a package capable of providing up to 60 hp while operating in a 6-inch diameter well casing. The 6-inch DR56 motors are rated for operation in ambient fluid temperatures at or below 122 °F (50 °C). As with the beta trial units, the 6-inch DR56 motors will be provided as a single unit with nameplate information for both 50 hp and 60 hp pump load points.

Below is a table of the available models:

The 6-inch DR56 motor is considered to be Franklin Electric’s third available option for applications requiring more from a submersible motor. Due to the additional temperature capability characteristics of Franklin Electric’s 6-inch Hi-Temp 90 °C or 8-inch Hi-Temp 75 °C line of motors, considerations for one of these two constructions should be made prior to choosing the 6-inch DR56 for the application.

As noted above, the 6-inch DR56 will replace the 6-inch Hi-Temp 50 °C in the Irrigation and Industrial catalog. However, for those applications meeting Franklin Electric’s AIM manual requirements, the 50 and 60 hp individual ratings will be re-introduced to the 6-inch standard water well 86 °F (30 °C) Sand Fighter and 316SS motor catalog offerings.

For additional product feature information on the 6-inch DR56 and 6-inch 5 - 60 hp standard motor offerings, click here.  List price information for both motor constructions is available in the latest Water Systems Price List effective December 10, 2011.

If you have any questions regarding the addition of the 6-inch DR56 motors or the re-introduction of the 6-inch 50 and 60 hp standard water well motors, please consult your local Franklin Electric Representative, Franklin Electric Customer Service at 1-800-269-0063, or Franklin Electric’s Technical Hotline at 1-800-348-2420.