Alternative Energy for Franklin Subs


SD Solar ImageTo address the growing demand for products powered by alternative energy sources, Franklin Electric has designed and introduced a solar control option for its submersible pumps: SubDrive Solar. Available as a packaged system that includes the controller, pump, motor, and flow switch, SubDrive SolarPAK uses a solar PV array as the system’s input power source rather than a traditional utility power grid. SolarPaK covers a range from 5-90 gpm in ratings of 1.5 and 3.0 hp.

As part of the SubDrive SolarPAK offering, Franklin Electric has also developed interactive sizing software to help choose the right SolarPAK for each application. With a few simple user-directed inputs—location, water requirements, and panel characteristics—the Solar Selector can properly size a system and provide related ordering information.

Additional SolarPAK product details and the Solar Selector can be found at Please visit the site or contact your local Franklin Electric representative to learn more about this exciting new product line. In addition, take a look at our Franklin AID series on solar pumping systems at