Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK Updates


Untitled-2In order to meet your growing needs and support future growth with the solar product line, we have expanded our current product line and upgraded our selection software.

Some of the new features available in the SolarPAK selector include:

    • Ability to size a system based on water volume per day, or by desired flow rate.


    • View solar performance curves for each model, and see the operating point of your system.


    • Graphical charts for irradiation data and output performance estimates.


    • Two printable PDF options: a seven page detailed report or single page summary report.

        • You can insert a company name, contact name, phone number, quote number and date.

        • The detailed report provides information such as replacement parts, dimensions, and wiring information as well as charts, graphs, and curves from the software.


    • Features an easy to use interface.  All you need is a location, TDH, and water output requirement and it will do the rest!


    • If you know what panel will be used, it can size the array for you!

The Subdrive SolarPAK selector is available through the Franklin Electric solar website:

In addition to upgrading the selection software, we are also pleased to announce the introduction of four new SolarPAK models to the Franklin Electric solar offering:

    • 18 lpm 1.1 kW / 5 gpm 1.5 hp


    • 25 lpm 2.2 kW / 7 gpm 3.0 hp


    • 100 lpm 1.1 kW / 35 gpm 1.5 hp


    • 100 lpm 2.2 kW / 35 gpm 3.0 hp

These new model serve more applications at a variety of operating conditions.

The SubDrive SolarPAK catalog has also gone through an upgrade. It now includes voltage curves allowing an array to be specified without using the selection software. This is a great addition for sizing an array on the fly when a computer may not be readily available!

To learn more about Franklin Electric’s SubDrive Solar products, please contact your local Franklin Electric representative.