SolarPAK Panel Kits Now Available


Franklin Electric is happy to announce the addition of Solar Panel Kits to accompany the SolarPAK line of solar powered submersible pumping systems.

The offering includes two solar module array kits:

  1. Top-of-pole mount kits
  2. Solar module only, contractor supplied mount, kits.

To make ordering and installation easy, all kits include:

  • Solar panels modules
  • Ground wire and bonding equipment
  • Square-D 600 Volt, 30 Amp, NEMA 3R DC-Rated disconnect switch
  • Connection wire for use between the solar panels and the DC disconnect
  • Connection wire for use between the DC disconnect and the SubDrive Solar control unit
  • Galvanized ground rod and clamps
  • Mechanical layout of the panel structure

The Solar Panel Kits sell sheet can be downloaded from the solar website, or via the link below. The website also includes links to the SolarPAK catalog, owner’s manual, and our web-based solar sizing software. This software will help you select the proper system solution based off your location and specific duty requirements. Be sure to check back often for updates.

To learn more about Franklin Electric’s solar pumping systems, please contact your local territory sales manager or a Franklin Electric customer service representative.

SolarPAK Downloads