Pressure Transducer Wiring Change


Franklin Control Systems has recently switched pressure transducer vendors. This switch has led to a slight change in our quickstart guide due to differing wire colors (new transducer has a black output wire, old transducer has a white output wire). The updated transducer wiring procedure is detailed below.

Pressure Transducer:

  1. Peel back insulation to expose shield (bare) wire. Note: Green & white wires should not be used.
  2. Wire the pressure transducer’s positive RED wire to the VFD terminal marked V+ for 12 VDC (“24” for 24 VDC) and the output BLACK wire to terminal I with the shield wired to:
    1. 5G for drives 40 hp or less
    2. CM on 50 hp and above
  3. For 24 VDC transducer setup, a wire jumper is required between CM and 5G.

Pressure Transducer

We apologize for any inconvenience this change has caused. If you have any further questions, please contact your local Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer or our Hotline at 800-348-2420.


Tommy Trullinger
Product Manager, Variable Frequency Drives