Volt‐X VCD Change


As part of Franklin Electric’s dedication to quality, we have recently made a change to the Volt‐X motors ‐ a new and improved voltage change device (VCD). The updated motors will begin shipping from stock as of August 21st, 2014. There will be no change in the part numbers for this product line, just a straight conversion to the new VCD plug.


All Volt‐X product with a 14H date code will be the new design. Should a kit be needed for the new plug, please see the table below.

230 V Voltage Change Plug and Seal Assembly 305 574 901
460 V Voltage Change Plug and Seal Assembly 305 574 902

The new Volt‐X design will ship with both the 230 V and 460 V plug included in the packaging until May 2015. After May 2015, Franklin will only ship the product with the 460 V plug installed. At that point we will supply our distribution partners with 230 V plugs, when needed.

If you have any questions concerning the Volt‐X product line or the change in the VCD plug, feel free to contact your Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or the Franklin Electric Hotline at 800.348.2420.


Mike Stockman
Sr. Portfolio Manager, Motors & Control Boxes