New SubDrive & QuickPAK with Smartphone & Tablet Connectivity


subdrive151We are excited to launch the new SubDrive family of constant pressure drives. They provide easier setup and configuration through advanced features and Wi‐Fi connectivity for simplified monitoring and troubleshooting.

Selling Features

  • NEMA 3R enclosure rated for both indoor and outdoor use, providing a degree of protection against falling rain or sleet.
  • Wi-Fi capability integrated with the FE Connect mobile app. The app provides a convenient way to set up and configure the drive in fewer steps. Once configured, it allows:
    • Real‐time monitoring of key system data
    • Adjustment of advanced features and settings to optimize the system to your specific application
    • Access to fault history of up to 500 detailed entries that can be emailed for enhanced troubleshooting capability

The new SubDrive retrofits to most pumping systems utilizing a Franklin motor. Basic setup allows users to be ready to pump water with the flip of two switches. In addition, the new Franklin Electric SubDrive family offers a numerical LCD display, providing important operation statuses and faults. An updated and improved electronic design includes front‐facing terminal blocks and components for easy installation. A modular sensor input provides added lightning protection, while easy‐to‐replace components simplify overall maintenance. Sold as a standalone SubDrive or integrated into the market‐leading QuickPAKs (including a pump and motor) from Franklin Electric, rest assured there is a water system solution to fit your constant pressure needs.

New Naming System

The SubDrive family has a new naming system to better correlate with their respective motor capability. The new, quieter models are named the SubDrive15, SubDrive20 and SubDrive30 (replacing the SubDrive75, SubDrive100, and SubDrive150) and are compatible with Franklin Electric’s three-phase and single-phase three-wire motors. The new SubDrive family also includes the MonoDrive and MonoDriveXT and is available for immediate sale in the US, Canada, Caribbean and Mexico.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, please contact your Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer or the Franklin Electric Hotline at 800.348.2420.