TV Series Features Franklin’s Pressure System Solutions


Operation Build SquareFranklin Electric recently teamed with History (formerly The History Channel) to participate in a short segment featured in the TV series Operation Build. The segment featured our Pressure System Solutions, focusing specifically on how the Inline 1100 solved a water pressure challenge for a homeowner in Naples, Florida.

In addition to showing this successful job, Scott Stayton, Director of Portfolio Management, also discusses how Franklin Electric’s various pressure boosting and constant pressure systems can help customers throughout the United States and world with their specific applications.

Click here to see the TV Segment for yourself!

You Don’t Have To Live With Poor Water Pressure
Many homeowners think they have to live with poor water pressure. They may experience problems like the washing machine taking longer to fill when the sprinkler is on, or the shower trickling when they run the dishwasher. Many don’t know how easy it is to fix their challenge and some don’t even know there is a solution. Truth is, whether you have city water or a private well system, Franklin Electric has a pressure solution for your home. With a Franklin Electric constant pressure system, you can wash laundry, water the garden and run the shower all at the same time, without sputtering water and diminished flow.

To learn more about the Inline 1100 and other pressure system solutions, click here.