Surface Pump Catalog Receives Makeover


Franklin Electric's surface pump offering is now available in ONE catalog. Combining all surface pumps into one catalog will assist customers in understanding the breadth of product offerings and solutions from Franklin Electric.

Improved Layout & Flow
One of the first enhancements you will notice are the new sections combining like items for quick comparison. At the beginning of each section we provide you with general applications and a comparison table of the products in Surface Pumpthat family to quickly focus your search.

Simplified Product Selection  
The products with customizable options and various motor options are more clearly defined.You now have a step-by-step guide to order the CVJ families of product. We have also separated the 56C pump end BT4 offering to clearly differentiate them from the square flange selection.

More Information at your Fingertips
The catalog now provides updated images, dimensions, and performance charts for all products. 

We hope you find the new catalog informational and helpful. It's available for download from the Franklin Electric website here