Success: Solar Power Provides Fresh Drinking Water at a Fraction of the Cost


Sometimes conventional pumping methods just aren’t the best choice. Take JT Byrne, owner of Homeplace Farm IMG 1195in Lowry, Virginia, for example. Byrne was looking to provide drinking water to his cattle up on two hills of his 250-acre farm. Initially, he looked into running conventional electricity to both hills before realizing that the price tag of $15,000 would be cost prohibitive, along with the fact that running this electricity would potentially interfere with his neighbors’ properties. Solar water pumping became a viable option.

With the help of Franklin Electric, contractor David Holdren of Agriculture & Home Water Services, and CMC Supply of Roanoke, Virginia, two SubDrive SolarPAK pumping systems were recently installed. The result: Byrne is now providing his cattle with fresh drinking water for a fraction of the cost it would have been to run electrical lines to the well. The small footprint of the four solar panel arrays, combined with the pumping efficiency of the Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK systems are providing plenty of water to two separate 1500-gallon tanks that supply ample drinking water for his cattle.

But that’s not the only benefit. “There is an initiative to protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed and the rivers andIMG 1218 streams that are part of this estuary,” said Franklin Electric Territory Manager Robert Rufh. “Part of this initiative is to work with cattle farmers to keep their cattle out of the ponds, rivers, and creeks, and to provide alternative ways to get the cattle drinking water. Cattle stir up the water in the ponds and creeks and then drink this water that has sediment in it, acting as sandpaper that can deteriorate their teeth. Cattle manure in the creeks and ponds also spawn bacteria (such as E. coli). All of this has been eliminated without the costly running of electricity.”

This is just one unique example of how solar can help solve a problem. Other applications include: irrigation systems, fountains, rural water supply for villages and homesteads, and vineyards. And, we can make it easy to determine the optimal system for you. Just utilize our user-friendly SubDrive SolarPAK Selector, input a few data points, and the system will automatically recommend the model and solar panel array configuration best for your application.

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