Franklin In The Field: Stop Horsing Around with Water Pressure


A true story told by Mark Reeder, Director of Innovation & Field Marketing….

“I spent a few days hanging around a horse show at one of the largest facilities in the country for these events. Overall, it’s a first-class facility and portrayed as one of the most beautiful facilities.

Like any event, there’s always some complaining and over the course of this extended weekend, I heard the usual grumbling from the competitors: 'that one judge is biased, the food’s expensive, and the events are running behind schedule’, etc. But do you know what the number one complaint was?Mark Reeder

'The water pressure here is awful.'

'They’ve got plenty of wash racks but there’s not hardly any water if more than a
couple of people are using them. It takes forever just to fill a watering bucket.’

It was frustrating to hear, because I knew it didn’t have to be that way. There are numerous pressure boosting products available that could address this or at least make things a lot better. But from what I could tell, a single 6-inch submersible with an undersized pressure tank is supplying the entire facility and all those acres. And beyond the pump house, it’s a hodge-podge of PVC piping that’s been put together over the years as the facility has expanded. Even without knowing all the details of this system, it’s obvious that a few variable-speed or simply single-speed pressure boosting systems would work wonders here. And the cost would be trivial when taken into the overall expenses of managing and maintaining this facility.

Once again, the competition in terms of constant pressure and pressure boosting isn’t necessarily between manufacturers. It’s the alternative of doing nothing. And here’s another case that by doing nothing the owners and management of this otherwise very nice facility constantly keep their customers annoyed.”

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