NEW SubDrive Connect & MonoDrive Connect Drive Family


Franklin has launched the new SubDrive Connect and MonoDrive Connect family of variable frequency drives that provide constant water pressure. The new “Connect” platform features a NEMA 3R rated enclosure and offers Wi-Fi connection for use with the FE Connect mobile application.

This new platform optimizes system performance, delivers more precise pressure and system diagnostics on screen, simplifies lead-lag installation, and provides contractor peace of mind. In addition to the Enhanced Features software package listed below, the family incorporates the new 5 hp SubDrive50 Connect model.

SD Connect Graphic

New Features:

Controller Enhanced Features

  • Analog Pressure Transducer Input
  • System Pressure Shown on Drive Display
  • Moisture (Wet Floor) Sensor Input
  • Auxiliary Control Input
  • Run and Alarm Contacts (NO/NC)
  • Traditional SubDrive Pressure Sensor Supported

Mobile App Enhanced Features

  • Real-time System Monitoring (PSI, Hz, Amps, Volts)
  • Advanced Pressure Transducer Settings
  • Drawdown/Cut-in Pressure
  • Built-in Duplex Alternator
  • Real-time Clock for Date and Time Stamps
  • Improved Fault Log Download Speed