New Solar Selection Software


Now available! Franklin’s new solar selection software is an integral tool to sizing and selecting the proper solar water pumping system for each project. This new software includes both SubDrive Solar and Fhoton™ Solar products. Selection criteria includes an easy three step process based on location, needed water, and total dynamic head. It has all the functionality of the current selector, but is enhanced with new features.


  • Dynamic switching between Standard US and Metric Sizing criteria Solar Selector
  • More flow type options (Example: liters/minutes/seconds)
  • Solar panel sizing now more user friendly on main Selection Criteria page
  • Multi-language option to support English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Additional languages to be added with future enhancements
  • Dynamic wire sizing feature that provides the wire size recommendation in Metric and AWG, based on user input
  • Application search results displayed in table layout that can be quickly sorted based on criteria for a specific job
  • Addition of “Volume per Watt” column to better compare and select which system maximizes your investment

To access and use this new software, click here.