Ready For Download: New AIM App


The new AIM (Application, Installation, & Maintenance) App provides contractors with instantaneous information to make working in the field easier. Available on both the Apple® App Store and Google Play Store* by searching AIM Launch Social Email Graphic Ios“Franklin Electric AIM”, this new application brings the most commonly used Franklin Electric submersible motor sections of the legendary print version created in the 1960s into an easy-to-access digital form.

Benefits of the AIM App

  • Provides access to precise wire and cable sizing assistance
  • Offers detailed motor specification information
  • Allows contractors to pinpoint alternative installation options when applicable
  • Works online as well as offline so it’s available even in remote areas
  • Applies to both 50 and 60 Hz products
  • Comes in English, Spanish, and Portuguese versions 
  • Provides an easy call button that dials directly to the Franklin Electric Technical Service Hotline
  • Its database updates automatically in the background whenever a change is made, so contractors can be certain that it provides the most current information available

Quick Search by Model Number or Rating
As engineers, inspectors, and utility companies require more detailed motor data, contractors can look up motor specifications by model number or rating. The mobile app then provides the user with a list of helpful data, such as full and max load amps and watts, winding resistance, service factor, and more.

Size Wire for your Job with Single or Multiple Cable Calculator
Contractors can also size wire and cable for jobs by using the cable selection calculator that walks the user step-by-step through the process and details of the application. Once the phase, horsepower, voltage, cable temperature, and wire gauge data is selected, the app will generate the exact type, gauge, and maximum length of wire to use – saving the contractor time and money by simplifying the process and reducing scrap and excess wire use. In addition, the app calculates requirements for using two wire sizes. By inputting distances between points and existing wire gauges, the app automatically computes requirements for the remaining distance.

Get the Most of MagForce's Proven Efficiency and Returns
In addition, the Franklin Electric AIM App now offers the MagForce Savings Calculator to estimate annual energy savings with four simple data points:

  1. Select the motor hp/kW
  2. Enter the number of hours the system is expected to run per day
  3. Enter the number of days per year the system will be running
  4. Enter the local energy cost per kW/hour

Then select the Calculate Savings button for an annual energy savings estimation.

Magforce Photo 681X400

Your New Quicklink to AIM Manual
Lastly, the app features a direct link to the complete electronic format of the AIM Manual on the Franklin Electric website. At the touch of a button, the entire manual is accessible and searchable. In addition, the AIM Manual is still available in printed form, allowing contractors to choose the version that works best for their business.

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