Optimization Updates for Franklin Electric Control Boxes


Control BoxIn order to properly optimize all control box components, so they provide the best possible starting torque and reliability, Franklin Electric has reviewed the start capacitance required for 5-15 horsepower (HP) single-phase motors. We found that combining start capacitors provides the correct amount of current required to start the motor without reducing torque or increasing temperature rise. These changes add value to the water system by extending both motor and control box relay life, while maintaining proper starting torque and reducing the total number of capacitors required for replacement parts from four to three.

These updates have been implemented into production for all new control boxes. All inventory dating back one year from this announcement contains the optimized design. This information will be seen in the next revision of the Franklin Electric AIM Manual and is currently reflected in the wiring diagram located inside each control box.

See the full list of updates in the table below.

Control Box Table