Five Reasons to Make the Bright Choice with SolarPAK


A little ray of sunshine can go a long way! Franklin Electric SolarPAKs keep installers' needs and challenges in mind. See what they can do for you and learn more about the related incentives and funding fo renewable energy systems.

Solar Product Grouping1. Your Partner for Water Systems, Even in Grid-Free Environments

Franklin Electric’s solar packages offer unrivaled performance and pump-motor reliability powered by our legendary 4- and 6-inch submersible motors, our fully proven portfolio of submersible and above ground pumps, and innovative line of exterior-ready, plug-and-play drives designed specifically for ease-of-use in water pumping applications, even in remote locations.

2. Simple, Cost-Effective Installation and Serviceability

SolarPAK’s installation, commissioning and no required maintenance are easy on your pocket. Using three-phase motors to allow for lower current, the system delivers savings since day one by reducing the cost of drop cable. In time, our above ground electronics provide a simplified solution to service units if required, when compared to self-contained, submersible units.

3. FE SELECT – SolarPAK: Find the Right Pump for Your Job

By defining head and volume-per-day requirements, solar panel characteristics, and supplying your exact installation’s location, FE SELECT is the easiest, most complete tool for providing an immediate list of solar-powered pump systems to choose from.

4. Rising with Expanding Applications

Franklin Electric’s solar engineered drives provide the highest maximum* DC input volts rating, facilitating system upgrades and water output increase using your very own SolarPAK.

*compared to competitive solar products.

5. Extended Warranty for Water Professionals

SolarPAKs are eligible for extended warranties when using Franklin-Electric-supplied components: pump, motor, and drive. If you are a Key Dealer, see our terms here for up to 5 years of coverage.

Get started now with the flexible system solutions that meet your solar pumping requirements from ½ - 10 HP ratings and a variety of flow rates available up to 375 gallons per minute. Download our Solar Drives Comparison Tool for a quick view of our application range or visit our solar portfolio. For more information, contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative.

Learn more about incentives for Renewable Energy Systems

Did you know there are available programs that provide loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for renewable energy systems?

Learn more and enter to apply to available incentives for investments in solutions that conserve natural resources while improving agricultural operations: