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Did you know when paired with our residential and light commercial pumps, Inline Controls allow you to offer your customers up to 300 possible configurations to boost their system's overall pressure with integrated run-dry protection?

FE Inline Controls Product Grouping

Specifically built for water pumping applications, Franklin Electric’s Inline Controls include five pump starting and control devices that pair with a variety of submersible or surface pumps up to 20 amps (or approximately three HP) to provide or boost the system’s overall water pressure – and in many cases – without the need of an additional bladder tank.

Features & Benefits

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  • Less Equipment: Eliminates the need for a bladder tank and pressure switch
  • Simplified Installation: Reduces time, labor and the need for heavy equipment in applications where a buried tank would have been used
  • Built-in Control: Allows pump to start automatically, on-demand
  • Automatic Restart Feature: Eliminates the need to manually activate the pump after a system fault
  • System Reliability: Built-in pump dry-run protection, check valve and anti-lock-up prevention
  • Fully Supported: Comes fully supported by the industry’s leading Technical Support Professionals and Field Service Engineers

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