Simple. Powerful. Introducing SubDrive Connect Plus


Offering unparalleled ease-of-use, Franklin Electric’s SubDrive Connect Plus™ Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is engineered to provide a full-featured constant pressure solution for water pumping systems in an array of submersible and above ground applications that utilize three-phase motors up to 30 horsepower (hp).SubDrive Connect Plus Image

Optimized and trusted for water systems, SubDrive Connect Plus is designed by a pump manufacturer to include distinct features such as soft-start, pump protection, built-in lead/lag and alternation capacity up to 8 drives, dual set point, pipe fill mode to reduce water hammer, and phase conversion for applications with 230V single-phase input power.

Its intuitive platform helps water professionals save time during installation and servicing using an array of setup, monitoring, and troubleshooting solutions, including an LCD graphic display, single-level menu, and assisted setup through the smartphone companion app. As a self-contained NEMA 3R rated solution, it is compact and ideal for indoor and outdoor installations while also providing a cost-effective solution when compared to high-horsepower systems that use starters or VFD panel packages.

To learn more, visit our product page or contact your Franklin Electric representative.