Product Discontinuation: 5 & 7 GPM Tri-Seal Pumps


In the 4-inch residential and light commercial space, Franklin Electric offers three pump types rated with a best efficiency point (BEP) of 5 and 7 gallons per minute (GPM): 3200 Series, Series V, and Tri-Seal Series. Upon inventory depletion, Tri-Seal pumps are being discontinued.Tri Seal Group

What Does this Mean to You?

Orders for Tri-Seal models will be fulfilled using an alternative. Consider all Franklin pumps are designed to perform well in nearly all water well conditions. However, regional requirements might dictate other product choices, such as better dry-run capability or improved sand handling.

The two following pump design constructions are available to cover your demand:

  • By default, orders for Tri-Seal models will be fulfilled with 3200 Series models*.
    • 3200 Series, built with a Sandhandler top bearing system, is an ideal solution for areas that demand extra sand protection.
  • Please, consult your Franklin Electric Representative to understand if you require a different alternative.
    • For applications where the aquifer in the area is susceptible to extreme drawdown, Series V is built to include dry-run impervious top bearing system.

Supporting Resources

See the chart below for guidance in selecting the alternative pumps as changes become effective and fully reflected on our supporting materials.

5 7 Tri Seal Guide

Download the Tri-Seal Cross Reference Guide to easily identify the new model/item numbers across each pump family.

If you have any questions concerning these products, please contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative or Technical Support at 1-800-348-2420.