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Franklin Electric's dedicated support teams are known throughout the industry for their commitment to getting you the answers you need—in the field, over the phone, or online. In celebration of Customer Service Week, we're honoring the team members who provide top-quality service in the shared mission of making water happen.

When you work with Franklin Electric, you have access to the industry's leading Customer Success and Technical Support professionals and Field Service Engineers located throughout the nation to assist you with troubleshooting and other service needs. Our teams navigate over 55,000 technical support calls annually to ensure that our customers get the most out of their Franklin Electric products and services.

The success of our customers goes beyond the pump. Our Customer Education and Training Solutions team powers our online tools and services, which more than 3000 users are currently using. They offer intuitive support for all technical needs, from accessing motor specifications and calculators to monitoring, assisted setup, and troubleshooting on select Franklin Electric drives and protections.

Thank you to the more than 60 team members who are devoted to these efforts. Here are just a few of the faces that are helping our customers day in and day out.

Customer Service Week Web Graphic