Selecting the Right Submersible Motor for Your Pumping System


When water professionals are in the market for a submersible motor to drive their pumping system, many factors are often considered. From initial selection criteria to installation needs, from usage parameters to installation factors — the list can help drive the decision.

Maintenance and system life may be considerations down the road, yet a little upfront planning on what to install and how to install it can help avoid potential issues and costly downtime for years to come.  

These motors feature a variety of engineering considerations that set them apart from their surface-mounted counterparts. As featured on Plumbing Engineer article "Selecting the Right Submersible Motor for Your Pumping System", our very own Jeff Frank, Franklin Electric's Global Product Manager reviews how submersible motors operate and what users should consider selecting the best motor for their application needs. Discover how a submersible system works and compare designs

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