Troubleshooting Vertical Turbine Pumps


Sometimes the answer to the problem is easier than you think. 

When an issue arises with a vertical turbine pump in a water well, contractors often have their own troubleshooting method. 

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When a well owner states that their system is not meeting their requirements, this should be the start of a question-and-answer session that covers issues addressed on the surface without pulling the pump.

Some take a shotgun approach—attempting to resolve the issue through trial and error. Unfortunately, this can lead to unnecessary work, as well as wasted time and money.

A more careful approach often gets the job done. This consists of asking questions, surveying the water well/pumping system, and performing and analyzing a pumping test. The result will set the project up for a cost-effective and efficient resolution. As featured on the Water Well Journal's article Troubleshooting Vertical Turbine Pumps, get expert advice from our very own Gregory Hebert.