Smarter, Connected Pumps Offer Path to Meeting Sustainability Goals


The industry has continued to take steps toward pump system optimization through efficient product and system designs. This trend benefits the user in terms of energy cost savings, ease of installation, and streamlined maintenance.

“When the pump-motor assembly and VFD are designed and built together, they work together more effectively,” he explains. “Maximum efficiency is engineered into the entire system. This benefits the user in terms of energy cost savings, ease of installation and streamlined maintenance.”

As featured in Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer magazine’s article “Smarter, connected pumps offer a path to meeting sustainability goals”, Global Product Manager, Jeff Frank, contributes to the expert discussion and reflects on the role that High Efficiency Systems play among trends and new technologies.

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PM Engineer's April issue features a pump professional upgrading an existing water system through this installation that enables water supply. Submersible water pumping systems powered with a permanent magnet motor operate at a fraction of the energy consumption when compared to traditional induction systems. When these systems are paired with engineered drives, they can deliver additional benefits as intuitive startup and reliable protection for submersible pumping applications.