Submersible Motor Designs: How Their Difference Impacts Pumping Operations


No pumping system is complete without the right motor. It not only drives the pump, but it must also safely and reliably take the static and dynamic loads from the hydraulic stresses of the entire system. Submersible Motor Installation

No matter how many motors water professionals have selected and serviced over the course of their career, every pumping job is different – and every application requires different considerations in terms of overall efficiency, reliability, and robustness. This is often where submersible motors stand apart, delivering benefits for pump operators in charge of potable water and irrigation systems, construction sites, mine dewatering among other applications.

As featured on Groundwater Canada's article: "Submersible Motor Designs - How their difference impacts pumping operations" learn what components are part of a submersible motor design and how their difference impacts pumping operations. From electrical to stator design options and other components in between, Global Product Manager, Jeff Frank, reflects on the performance and operational benefits that a variety of options deliver.