How is the Groundwater Industry Doing? (Pump and Energy Efficiency Roundtable)


As featured on Water Well Journal, representatives from leading manufacturers discuss changes that have occurred based on the DOE regulation. Magforce Product Photo

Two years have passed since the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) created a regulation for improving the overall electrical consumption of a variety of water pumps. Fast forward to today: how is the groundwater industry doing?

"We’re mindful that moving water takes tremendous power, so we need to continue to drive innovation beyond the pump. The use of permanent magnet motor technology is one example; it’s an area where we see the potential for future efficiency gains", reflects Jeff Frank, Global Product Manager at Franklin Electric.

Check out the most recent Pump and Energy Efficiency Roundtable conducted by the National Groundwater Association’s Water Well Journal. Among others, Franklin Electric's manufacturing perspective provides an outlook on energy-efficient products on the market and the next steps for water systems.