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Now Available: MonoDrive Utility Constant Pressure Solution


FE Monodrive Utility Angled LeftFranklin Electric’s MonoDrive UtilityTM Variable Frequency Drive provides an easy-to-install 3-wire constant pressure solution for 230 V submersible pumping systems up to 2 hp in a NEMA 3R enclosure. Requiring only a small pressure tank, it offers a more compact overall footprint compared to traditional water systems, while providing the added value of constant water pressure and built-in motor protection. One MonoDrive Utility replaces up to nine control box configurations, simplifying inventory requirements while providing a more desirable value for the end user. 

Key Product Benefits Include:

  • Simple Installation: Affordable and easy-to-install drive; most applications require the simple flip of one switch, saving significant time during installation
  • Motor Protection: The features proven by Pumptec, now offered in a basic VFD
  • Multiple Applications: Ideal for new construction and retrofitting and optimizing an existing 3-wire pumping system
  • Simplified Inventory: Replaces the need for multiple control boxes, a pressure switch, and a larger pressure tank
  • Cost Effective: Provides total system cost at or below standard installations with pump flows of 10 gpm and greater

MonoDrive Utility is manufactured specifically for water pumping applications by a pump manufacturer, incorporating Franklin Electric’s more than 14 years of drive engineering expertise into its design, and comes fully supported by the industry’s leading Technical Support professionals and Field Service Engineers.

To learn more, view the MonoDrive Utility Product Highlight Video.

Success Story: “Just Makes Things Bullet Proof.”


Rick Gibson, a 34-year veteran in the groundwater industry, shared a Franklin Electric motor from 1970 with us to Rick Gibsonshow the value Franklin brings to his business. Here is what he had to say about it…

“Franklin Electric motors are hard to beat! Quality of both the equipment and the installation goes hand in hand with being successful. This 1970 Franklin Electric motor is a great example of that. The motor was installed when the house was built and provided a family of five with water for 40+ years. In 2018, the unit was still running perfectly, but a new owner purchased the home and requested to have it updated. We always like to be associated with great equipment, then having it installed correctly just makes things bullet proof.”

--- Rick Gibson, Gibson Pump Service, Floyd, VA

Success Story: 1975 Motor – “Worked For 40 Years Perfectly Without A Single Problem”


Tim Shrum recently shared a story about a 1975 Franklin Electric motor with us to show the value we’ve brought to his business. Here’s what he had to say about it…Picture1

“We have been in business since 1974 and this is the oldest pump I have seen still working. We were asked by the homeowner to replace his pump and motor. After testing the unit, we determined that it did not need replaced. In fact, it was still very close to the original pumping specifications. The homeowner still insisted that we replace it as he didn’t want to leave any loose strings for the next family that would live there. The motor was set 80 feet within a granite formation, which provided clean drinking water for a family of four for the first 20 years of its life, then for a family of two for the remaining years. Along with that, the homeowner used the well to irrigate his garden and lawn every summer. This unit has been working for 40 years perfectly without a single problem. For this reason, I swear by Franklin Electric products.”

--- Tim Shrum, Diamond Well Drilling, in Auburn, California

Click here for more information about Diamond Well Drilling.

Success Story: “Everyone Is Still Trying To Catch Up”


Rick Eversole, a 3rd generation family-owned businessman and 40-year groundwater veteran, recently shared a photo with us of a Franklin Electric motor from 1972 to show the value we’ve had for his business. Here’s what he had to sayRick Eversole 1972 Motor about it…

“This motor was installed by my grandfather in 1972. The homeowner thought the unit was bad, but it turned out it was just a wire issue. It was decided to go ahead and replace it since it had been pulled 600 feet on galvanized pipe. The unit pumped on average 300 gallons per day. It provided water to a residential application that also utilized it on a hydrant pump and to water a garden periodically. I believe this motor did so well because of the quality that it was built with, proper installation, proper ground, and proper unit. I have always been happy with Franklin Electric motors and think everyone is still trying to catch up to them today.”

--- Rick Eversole, Eversole Drilling Company, Max Meadows, VA
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Fhoton Portfolio Expansion: Now Includes SolarPAKs Ranging From ½ hp Up To 10 hp, Surface Pumping Options


The Fhoton™ SolarPAK System features a Franklin Electric submersible pump and motor, and the Fhoton solar controller, in one package to provide water free of electrical utility dependence to remote or “off-grid” locations or for homeowners that want to conserve energy. It is cULus and UL approved and available in a variety of flow
rates from two to 375 gpm and power ratings of ½ up to 10 hp.

To meet a wide range of pumping applications, the Fhoton SolarPAK is now available for cost-effective systems operating on only two solar panels through large-scale watering systems using thousands of gallons per day. Fhoton Product Family Grouping 2019 Enhancements

½ hp Fhoton SolarPAKs 

  • Operates using 48 volts, therefore minimizing the number of panels required to run the system
  • Produces flow ranges from two to 20 gallons per minute

5-10 hp Fhoton SolarPAKs

  • High-flow system for faster tank-fill and significant water output
  • Produces flow ranges from 10 to 375 gallons per minute

Fhoton Surface SolarPAKs

  • Designed for pressure boosting and water transfer needs

Please refer to the new Solar Products Catalog for a comprehensive listing of all solar pumping products including SubDrive Solar and Fhoton brands.

Panel Updates
Franklin Electric has partnered with new solar panel vendors to enable competitive array pricing and availability. Please refer to the updated Solar Panel Spec Sheet for job specific and bulk array ordering information.

System Sizing: FE Select™
To size a system for your specific application, visit the FE Select™ Solar Selector. The FE Select digital pump selector software tool makes product selection, configuration, and quoting easy for contractors and distributors. This online tool walks the user through the process from start to finish, requiring only the basic application data needed to size many water systems. The software properly matches the components necessary for the desired application.

Order Placement: FE Direct™
Additionally, the new Fhoton SolarPAKs offer three-day lead times, and in many cases will be available for same day shipments to better cover time sensitive jobs. These products are available for order and can be found using the FE Direct platform.

If you have questions concerning the Fhoton portfolio expansion, please contact your local Territory Manager, Field Service Engineer, or the Franklin Electric Technical Support Team at 800.348.2420.

Success Story: “Franklin Motors Are All We Carry”


Geoff Cantrell recently shared a perfectly working 1976 Franklin Electric Motor pulled out of a well to show the value we’ve brought to his business. Here’s what he had to say about it…

“We pulled this motor and it was still in great working condition! The 1/3 horsepower,1976 Motor Picture 1976 Franklin motor has been providing water to a residential house in Gravette, Arkansas, with a family of four for years. The motor came from a shallow well that ran in a harsh, high-concentrated sulfur application. The only reason I pulled it was to measure the well’s depth so we can properly plan for its replacement well that we will be digging in the future. Of course, I plan to put another Franklin motor in that well. I know when I use a Franklin motor, I can count on it for years to come. We go to FranklinTECH every year in Oklahoma to see what products Franklin has to offer. We get to see the build process of these products, and I feel like they offer more than what others do. Franklin always has a hot product line, and you don’t really get the service they have to offer anywhere else. For those reasons, Franklin motors are all we carry. When a new well is drilled, Franklin is what we put in it. I am 100 percent certain that I am not going to have any issues with their motors. When we put in a Franklin motor, we know it is going to last.”

1977 Ctrl Box

1977 Control Box In "...In Perfectly Working Condition..."

Shortly after providing the above motor photo, Geoff also passed along another gem that he stumbled upon...

“The capacitor and relay check out like a new one should! This 1977 1/3 horsepower Franklin Control Box was recently pulled in Rogers, Arkansas, in perfectly working condition, providing valuable use to your typical residential family of four or five. The Franklin Electric control box was replaced with a new Franklin box when the pump and motor was replaced so it would all be new and ready to provide water for years to come.”

--- Geoff Cantrell, Tiff City Pump, in Anderson, Missouri

New VP Of Sales – Ryan Johnson


Franklin Electric proudly introduces Ryan Johnson as the new Vice President, Sales-US/Canada for the North America Water Systems Business Unit. Ryan will manage all aspects of sales activities for the US and Canada Markets.Franklin Electric Ryan Johnson

With over 20 years of experience with Regal Beloit and General Electric, Ryan possess a diverse background with expertise in Six Sigma, Operations, and in every aspect of the sales process, from direct field sales to sales management leadership.

“Ryan brings a proven track record of building strategies and sales teams focused on providing its customers with clear, differentiating value,” states Don Kenney, President, North America Water Systems and Vice President of Franklin Electric. “He is an operationally driven customer advocate that brings a fresh perspective being previously outside of the company. He has Midwest values, and understands the importance of building and managing fair and mutually beneficial partnerships. I have no doubt that Ryan brings the innovative outlook needed to support our progressing efforts as an organization.”

Success Story: "I Will Definitely Choose Franklin Electric Any Chance I Get"


Picture Of 1977 Motor Dave Konkle Dave Konkle, a homeowner from Fort Wayne, Indiana, recently shared a Franklin Electric motor from 1977 with us to show the value it brought to not only his family, but the families before his. Here’s what he had to say about it…

“I was honestly impressed to know that since 1978, when our home was completed, that this motor has been 80 feet underground working daily for this 4500 square-foot house serving a family of 5. This recently pulled 1977 motor was pumping water with some of the highest iron content in northern Indiana. Not too many things I see now of days will last like this did. With witnessing this great marvel, I will definitely choose Franklin Electric any chance I get in the future.”

--- Dave Konkle, Homeowner, Fort Wayne, IN

Celebrating 75 Years of Moving Forward


75 Years Social Media Graphic RectangleA lot has changed at Franklin Electric since E.J. (Ed) Schaefer and T.W. (Wayne) Kehoe founded the company in 1944 in Bluffton, Indiana. Since then, we have grown from a small motor manufacturing company into a leading global provider of systems and components for moving water and fuel. What hasn’t changed are the core values we all share. We remain focused on our customers and dedicated to delivering on our Key Factors for Success. 2019 will be a celebration of all we’ve accomplished in many places and for many customers around the world.

Named after Benjamin Franklin, a pioneer in electrical engineering, Franklin Electric’s core is the world’s first reliable submersible electric motor for water systems, which has remained a staple of the water well industry. 75 years later, we continue to manufacture and distribute improved versions of this unrivaled motor design all around the world, and have expanded our expertise to create innovative solutions, including pumps, electronics, and adjacent products, addressing modern industry challenges and serving our customers’ needs. Whether you need to boost your water pressure, supply water to your household, water your garden, irrigate your crops, or tend your livestock, Franklin Electric has the right pumping system for the job.

“We would like to recognize and thank all of our employees, customers, partners, and investors that have played a role in helping shape Franklin Electric into the company it is today. As we reflect on our past during this milestone, we find ourselves even more focused on our vision of being an indispensable partner to our customers,” states Gregg Sengstack, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

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New Videos: 3 Groundwater Week 2018 Hot Industry Topics


Straight from the show floor! While at Groundwater Week 2018, Franklin Electric product expert Jeff Frank discussed Gww Jeff Frankvarious innovations and other hot topics of industry interest. Click the links below to view his three short videos: