Franklin Responds to Competitor’s Compatibility Claims


Pentair recently released publication B1495P – 2-1-09; this document claims Pentek control boxes are compatible with Franklin Electric motors and Franklin Electric control boxes are compatible with Pentek motors. Franklin Electric does not support this particular claim nor will Franklin Electric provide any warranty
related coverage for use of our products with any Pentek motor or control.

Franklin Electric designed our motors and controls to work exclusively together to provide the greatest reliability and highest quality operation between these components. Our control boxes, capacitors, relays and overloads have been specially chosen to meet the operating parameters found in Franklin Electric motors.  Our engineers have spent years refi ning and improving the reliable operation between these components. Franklin Electric does not have any specific design parameters of any Pentek product; therefore, making a statement of compatibility can not be supported by Franklin Electric. However, we have received numerous complaints of issues arising from mixing control boxes and motor vendors. In most instances, when matched with OEM produced components, the issue is resolved.

Additional concerns that may be experienced:

1. UL Compatibility
FE only maintains UL compatibility with FE produced motors and control boxes.

2. Overheat Protection
FE control boxes, in some ratings, still contain overloads to protect motors from over heat conditions. Pentek may or may not have the correct overload, or any overload in the product.

3. Capacitor Ratings and Operation
While the Pentek product may have the same microfarad and voltage rating, there are several other parameters to evaluate when choosing an appropriate capacitor. Dissipation factor, temperature and life are key items Franklin tests and evaluates before choosing a specific capacitor type and manufacturer.

4. Relay Design and Operation
While the relay (much like capacitors) may appear similar in rating, without extensive testing and evaluation, relays that control the start windings can cause nuisance, possibly tripping overloads or premature failures if allowed to operate.

Therefore, Franklin Electric recommends only the use of original Franklin Electric motors and controls together. Similarly, if you choose to use a Pentek product, pair the correct motor with the correct control box.

Should you have specific questions, please contact your local Franklin field sales or field service representative, or the Hotline team.

Thank you,

Brian Kibiger
Director, Drives and Controls
Mike Stockman
4” Motors Product Manager