SubDrive Accessory Offerings


To better meet application specific needs, the SubDrive system accessory line is being expanded. The following accessories will be available for purchase, effective February 22, 2010.

Auxiliary Relay Boards expand the communication abilities for our NEMA 4 and can be used to communicate the state of the drive to auxiliary equipment or utilize multiple sensors (excludes SubDrive300). Compatible with SubDrive units having a date code of 09J45 and newer, the relays are identical to the ones found on the SubDrive300.

Tank Drawdown Kits allow the SubDrive system to utilize water from a tank during low flow applications and includes a 6-conductor cable, extra pressure switch along and an installation manual. The kit works with SubDrive300 or SubDrive NEMA 4 units with an installed Auxiliary Relay Board.

Heat sink Cover Kits protect the heat sink on SubDrive NEMA 4 units from small animals or debris intrusion.

Direct Burial Kits are available in various lengths of 10, 30 and 100 feet. The direct burial cables can be used for direct burial of the sensor wire and increase the maximum sensor cable length from 100 to 300 feet.

The accessories carry a standard one-year warranty and are now available for purchase.

Description Used with Part Number List Price USD List Price CAN
Aux Relay Board Kit N4 225755901 $46.00 $49.00
Tank Drawdown Kit N4 & 300 225770901 $127.00 $134.00
Heatsink Cover Kit N4 225805901 $17.00 $18.00
Direct Burial Kit 10′ Any 225800901 $77.00 $81.00
Direct Burial Kit 30′ Any 225800902 $166.00 $175.00
Direct Burial Kit 100′ Any 225800903 $468.00 $494.00

For further details, please contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative.