Franklin Electric SubDrive2W Constant Pressure System


SubDrive 2 Wire

Franklin Electric, the global leader in ground water pumping and residential water pressure solutions, is proud to introduce another exciting product to its popular line of constant pressure systems.

The SubDrive2W constant pressure system is the solution for constant pressure in homes on a private well with a 2-wire Franklin Electric motor. The SubDrive2W is ideal for applications where constant pressure is desirable including residential water systems, landscaping, water treatment and geothermal systems.

The patent pending product was designed with the water well contractor in mind; a conversion to constant pressure made easy and does not require the pulling of a pump and motor, only the replacement of the pressure switch.

The SubDrive2W is also featured on our Web site,  The Web site is designed to inform homeowners of inconsistent water pressure in their homes and the benefits of a constant pressure system.

If you have any questions regarding Franklin Electrics SubDrive2W constant pressure system and our complete family of water pressure solution products please contact your local Franklin Electric territory representative.