Constant Pressure


Franklin's constant pressure Web site was recently relaunched, featuring a new look, new information and new products. homepage

The updated site is designed to educate homeowners on their water system and the benefits of having a constant pressure system, whether they have city water or a private well. In addition, the site promotes awareness about Franklin’s products for the home and educates them on understanding private water systems and the differences between conventional and constant pressure systems.

As before, the site offers visitors both English and Spanish language options and offers various interactive examples.

These interactive examples provide visual solutions and help educate homeowners on common causes of low water pressure. The virtual scenarios compare conventional systems to show the benefits of constant pressure from Franklin Electric. Interactive Examples

Also familiar to the site are two features making Franklin constant pressure unique and simple:

Take it for a “Test Drive”
A MonoDrive Test Drive Kit is available for homeowners who want to experience constant pressure before investing. Through their local water systems contractor, they can try a constant pressure system in their home for a short time, and decide if constant pressure is right for them.

How to Purchase or Locating a Certified Dealer Dealers

It pays to be a registered FE dealer,  the dealer look-up feature provides homeowners a way to find local water well professionals in their area.

New to the site is one of Franklin's latest innovations, the Inline Constant Pressure System. The Inline Constant Pressure System is ideal for homes on private wells or city water systems maximizing the output and performance of other common water usage applications. Whether pumping from a cistern/holding tank, feeding a sprinkler or turf irrigation system, operating a livestock cooling system, or boosting pressure to a multi-head commercial wash down system, an increase in system performance and efficiency can be gained through Franklin Electric’s Inline Constant Pressure System. Products

Franklin Electric has a constant pressure solution for any home. Visit to check out the new look and  more information on constant pressure.